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A small town called Charming located in the upper Niben area. A place to relax and have a drink for the road.

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Newly Updated by Nephenee13:

Version 1.7, by Nephenee13 adds the following:

Two town guards, one a male Redguard, the other a female Dunmer. They have full AI schedules, sleeping in a new room accessed from the Bar's exterior cellar door. The Redguard patrols from Midnight to Noon, the Dunmer from Noon to Midnight. They are Player Level + 5, wear leveled light armor and are unessential, but will respawn if killed.

Zank Brawn is now a Pawnbroker, and will buy most items from you, though will only sell miscellaneous objects. He spends most of his time wandering the town or hanging out in the bar, however he takes three journeys each week. Traveling in turn to Jensine's in the IC, The Fair Deal in Bravil and Borba's Goods in Cheydinhall.

Version 1.8, now Charming is Viewable When Distant!

LOD meshes have been made for all the buildings. In order to see Charming from a distance, you must run TES4LODGen (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/15781) to generate new LOD data. It is also recommended to install Really Absolutely Everything Viewable When Distant (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/20053), though it is not required just for Charming.

Additionally, TES4Files was used to optimize the package, removing a large number of extraneous, unused resources. The download is now half the size it used to be.

Planned additions: More complex AI packages for other residents, possible addition of an Inn, perhaps as a quest to replace the burned out All Things Alchemical


This is a small town I made for my game to add a little life to an other wise boring area of the map. The town of Charming is located southeast of the Imperial City in the upper Niben area right by the road. You can explore the town freely, everyone is friendly. If you are a thief, there are things to take...just don't get caught! Enjoy your visit to Charming.

This mod was made with resources available from the nexus site. I take no credit for the new meshes and textures, all credit goes to the authors.
mr Siika-Highrock buildings & birds.
exanimis-generic signs
Stroti-animal heads, bugs, ghost in a jar...
assassin456-medieval resources
Horinf-New alchemy equipment.
stroti - diffferent textures and meshes bases
mrnico - crystal textures
Tarnsman - Tamrielic ingredients
better potions resource-unknown author
I think that is everything, if I missed anything please let me know so I can make the corrections.

Version 1.6 added-corrects a skeleton path error.

Unzip place all in data folder- c:/Programs/Bethesda/Oblivion/Data

Requirements/ conflicts================================================
You should have KofTN & SI
No conflicts. It will not affect UL or Misty Hideout-those are the only mods I know of in that area. I use both with no problems.