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Acros and the ANDORAN team and DanielShougun

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Out Dated-- Cyrodiiil Rebuild has been included into Better Cities.

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Just a rough and fast translation of Cyrodiil Rebuild found here (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42085). I got tired of all the crazy looking text and the name changes to my favorite cities.

Naturally, this only changes the Russian text to English. It doesn't change any textures so the shop signs will still be Russian. I actually like it that way... adds a bit of uniqueness.

Cyrodiil Rebuild Rus is required for this to work (no brainer). 
After that, just drop this esp file into your Data folder. Click yes to override the previous file.
As requested, I've added some "optimized" mesh and texture files you may download.

Update: Ok, so I did an update even though I said I wouldn't. Just made some small changes. Fixed a few names I missed and "cleaned" the esp. Also, as requested, I've uploaded the "optimized" textures and meshes that I use.

UPDATED (Aug. 27, 2014): I've fixed (a word I use loosely) errors that were causing CTD (crash to desktop). It now runs much smoother.  I also Highly recommend using mhahn123's "Knights of The Nine-Cyrodiil Rebuild Patch" for those who were having issues running this mod with Knights of the Nine.

All the credit goes to the original authors.

Aknevrec - Mage Equipment.
ALAnonin - Resource Orange Tree.
alex2avs - Scene Modder Resource.
Darkness Eternal - Desert Architecture Beta.
duester-bertie - Anwesen Donnerwetter.
EbeneezerSquid - Vendors Tables Modders Resource.
Firespark - Animated Flag Resource.
ghastley - Shop Windows of Cyrodiil.
godhugh - Texians Static Water Meshes.
harisonzamperla - NPC Behavior Animations.
HelBorne - Wallshelf resource.
InsanitySorrow - Sign Symbol Resource.
Justb - Monks Merchant Butcher.
Korana - Millstone Farm
Meo - Bits and Pieces; City Maps; Globes; Modular Fireplaces; Settlement; Paper Septims and Bank furnitur; Window Boxes; Winecellar. 
Momo - Blacksmith Resource; Cart Resource; Fishers Resource; Ivy Resource; Farm Resource.
Mr_Siikas - Better Ports; Miscellaneous Meshes; Rocks; Ravens and Vultures; Siege Engines; Farm animals; Imperial Cathedral; Market Resources.
OBMK - Nordish Architecture, CHAINS.
Phaedra13 - Bodily Functions Resource. 
Phitt - Gallow Modders Resource; Mudwater; Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles ALPHA.
Reaper - Animated Lute.
Ryu Doppler - Dopplers Armory.
Sjors Boomschors - SB Resource Farm House Extension.
Skyrim for Oblivion project - Miscellaneous Skyrim Gubbins
Spectre Of Reality - SORs hats.
Spoons aka Trizt - Gallows Model.
Ssenkrad - Smokeable Pipe Mod.
Stroti - Static alchemy clutter; New clutter; New meshes blacksmith tools; Rustic pieces treebench; Static lowerclass crockery; Static meshes bakerman is baking bread Oven; Static meshes Handcart; Static meshes steerwheel
Vahiriae - Vahis Wardrobe.
washington - Village clutter.
Xiamara - Misc Windows.
Unofficial TESA Clutterer's Guild Resource Pack
Also CR uses the resources of Nehrim, Der Orden, Orden des Drahen, Aithamavel, and Few models by Lazarus.