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This is the BETA of my own Black Marsh mod.

Permissions and credits
The Black Marsh mod Project (Dubbed Project Argonia) by ArgonianLord

The basic premise of this mod is to create all of Black Marsh into
Oblivion. Currently it is in its BETA stages and is in a bit of a hiatus
due to me having a lack of interest currently. Enough of that, back to
the premise of the mod. Ahem, as stated before, the mod aims to recreate
all of Black Marsh into Oblivion, currently the mod features the
southren most parts of Black Marsh. The only finished areas thus far are
the areas around Gideon and Soulrest. (These two are on the same world
space as the rest of Oblivion). And months ago (Perhaps almost a year at
this rate >.>) the city of Lilmoth was added to the mod.

So far, the mod has very few dungeons, but I will change that as the
development of the mod continues on. But what the mod does offer is
interesting looking cities, some interesting characters with backstory
included, a bit of dialogue, but no advanced dialogue with responses yet
I am afraid (Also bound to change). There are no quests currently aside
from a small quest that is in serious WIP stages. But you do get a bit
of exploration, more bits and pieces of immersion will be added later to
make the world feel more alive, to do this I will add lots of
interesting letters around camps and whatnot. Most of them relating to
events in the area nearby or in areas far away.

This mod will also take elements from Shadowfen in Elder Scrolls Online as a basis for
the upper area for Black Marsh, it will also include a few references
to the main plot ESO had in Shadowfen in Black Marsh. There are also
planned sub plots, one of them being related to ridding Black Marsh off
of slavery once and for all. And there will be a main plot dedicated to
Molag Bal, where he will try to redo the Planemeld once more, but at a
less grandscale this time.

I've also been planning marriageable characters in the mod, both male and female for all the races. Just to
make it a bit more interesting.

Other than that, I can't say much more as there is still so very much to do! I will leave off with a
small plea of assistance for this mod. This plea will be below, into
the bowels.

A plea of help:

You may wonder what I mean by this, well. What I mean is that I am looking for others
to assist in developing this mod along with me. To hasten the
development of the mod a bit and make updates far more frequent than
they are. This does not mean I want to leave this mod in the fates and
destinies of others, it merely means I'd like to have others to work

What I am searching for mostly is voice actors, landscapers (People making landscapes and such, I specifically would love to have
people redesign Shadowfen from ESO as well as possible in Oblivion),
dungeon designers (This is something I seriously need as its gnawing
away at me due to the tedium it ensues), story writers, quest scripters
and scripters in general.

I would also love to have some others perhaps creating custom meshes for this, while this is no thing I
desperately need I'd like to have some new and more argonian styled
stuff into the mod as well, preferably armors in the same vain as ESO's
argonian armors. If anyone that's good at making meshes is up to this
task, I will gladly accept your help!

I am also greatly in need for people that could solve some issues in the mod. Or bug testers if
you will. Primarily now there's an issue related to some error messages
never wanting to go away whenever I boot up the mod (These issues I
can't really type out right now, but I am sure bug testers that try to
open the mod themselves will find the same problem I speak of). 

And that is where the plea of help ends. May the hist grant a modder such
as myself wise modders, meshers and so on in this epic quest that this
mod is.

I thank you for your time in reading all of this, and I hope it was of some use and interest! Interest to people that may
want to help the development of the mod.

This description will be changed a bit in the future to explain installation things and whatnot.
But before we leave it off I will write some news below in a separate

_ _ _ _                         _ _ _ _                      _  _  _  _                 _  _  _  _            
_   _   _  _              _  _  _  _  
News for the mod itself!

Recently, not much has happened in terms of development for this mod, but a slight upcoming change is quite imminent.

This change is the upcoming complete deletion of those odd guard armor
retextures I made. While they look a bit charming to me (I will still
keep them for nostalgic purposes on my HDD) they still look really damn
horrendous ingame. Especially due to how odd lighting behaves against
the armors. 

So yes, they will very much be removed, and they'll be replaced with a slightly more tribal looking Leather armor (The one
that was never used in Oblivion even though it was always there in the
game's files). I may even make some new recolored armors that look more
like the armor is made out of scales from another lizard and so on. I'll
also be removing that blue ebony armor I randomly made. As I see
absolutely no point in it staying anymore.

Besides that, not a lot of changes in the next upcoming update, Stormhold is still being
developed on and is trying to look as faithful as possible to the
Stormhold seen in ESO. A task that is not easy to say the least, bit it
is no doubt possible.

I got nothing more to say, so with that I am off! Installation instructions will be added shortly.

_ _ _ _                    _ _ _ _                  _  _  _  _               _  _  _  _ 


Currently I am unsure what is compatible and incompatible, so I hope you people that play Oblivion with the mod will notify me about the compatibility and possibly help me out in doing the patches yourself, as I am quite bad at making these patches myself. On the subject of patches, thanks to user angkor this mod is now compatible with Castle Wolfspike. The download link will be below


Castle Wolfspike patch: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42687/?tab=3&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Foblivion%2Fajax%2Fmodimages%2F%3Fid%3D42687%26user%3D1&pUp=1

_  _  _  _              _  _  _  _                   _  _  _  _             _  _  _  _
Better Credits

Washington: For the Palisade meshes.

Momo: For the basket resource, fishing resource, cactus resource and Palm resources.

Mrsiika: For the BetterPorts meshes, the cliff meshes, the raven and vulture meshes. And his ImperialWargalley meshes and textures.

little byron: For the Fly mesh, beetle meshes and textures

hell borne: for the argonian and orc zombies meshes and textures.

themythofstrider: for vvardenfell imports armors

Grimdeath: for the lore creatures.

Davidbrasher: for the awesome dwemer ruins which is going to be used in the mod.

Wiruman: For the argonian skeleton and skull meshes and textures

Shinyfan: For the RoadWorm, Scorpion and blackmarsh worm meshes and textures.

ionoblivion: For the Parrot meshes and textures.

Phitt - For the amazing Dwemer Ruin Meshes

Hel Borne - For MW Styled Dwemer Weapons

Ghogiel - For MW Styled Dwemer Armor

ZuSkunks - For Making ZuTheSkunks Morrowind Style Dwemer Gear

Jured - For Making the Glass Gems

Infrequent_Hazard - For female version for Ghogiel's Dwemer armor.

Fearabbit - For new textures for Hel Borne's weapons (based on Ghogiel's ones).
centurion - For Dwemer Technology Part II Dwemer Skyship (architecture, textures, doors, clutter, lights, furniture, containers, other.)

Stroti - For "Strotis static machine parts" with several textures from "Fantastic Potions and Bottles" and for his Ayleid furniture and clutter mods and of coures his MiscMeshes resource.

David Brasher - For Inspiring me with his great mod "Dwemer Ruins"

Da Mage - For Dwemer Creatures

And there are some robes i borrowed which is called Drow Robes or something, i can't find the one who made the mod now so please Owners of Oblivionnexus don't ban me for this. Not saying you would but just letting you know.

Although i did make some retextures on the guard armors in vanilla oblivion and made a special guard armor for the guards in my mod.