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"What's this? This Spell Tome says one thing, but the spell it teaches says another!" Well worry no more about that nuisance (or at least worry a bit less) thanks to the power of OBSE and this mod!

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DLC Spell Tomes OBSE fixer and translator

 Official DLC Spell Tomes
Recommended: Unofficial Official Mods Patch, the Spell Tomes module fixes the scripts of all the tomes so that the player won't randomly receive spells.


Another surprisingly small plugin that does surprisingly big things! After something like 15-20 seconds from loading your game, this mod will scan all the Spell Tomes contained in the DLC and modify the text and pictures in them to match the spell they teach.
Why is this necessary at all? The majority of spells that the tomes can teach are from vanilla, and there is a good chance that some of your mods might alter them. This can lead to misleading descriptions of the spell in the Spell Tome that teaches it, because they just contain text: there is no mechanism for them to be linked to the spell they teach so as to update their text to match the spell. In fact, some Spell tomes are not correctly describing the spell they teach even in a vanilla setup.
So what this mod does is changing everything that must be changed if necessary to correctly reflect the spell taught in the book:
  • The name of the tome itself is set to that of the spell, and the prefix "Tome:" is added so that the tomes are sorted separately from other books.
  • Its gold value will be the base magicka cost of the spell.
  • Magic school, skill mastery level and range are updated, and presented slightly better.
  • And most impressive, the list of effects will be updated to correctly reflect the icons that you use for the magic effects in your game, together with correct magnitudes, AOE, durations and ranges of each of the spell effects.
  • NOT TO MENTION, this mod can now also translate the tomes to your Oblivion version's language. The text in the books is built by reading the string game settings from your game, which might not offer entirely "grammatically correct" results, but it's better than nothing!
Note that the name of the new spells themselves added by the DLC are not translated since the mod will read the name of the spells as they are, you need another mod to do that.

All of this is done swiftly by calling a pair of functions about 15-20 seconds after you start your game, so as to give time for other mods to make their changes to spells and magic effects if necessary, and no further scripts are run by the mod for the remainder of your game session. After the scripts have run, you will see a message with a book icon in your screen and hear a book sound, to signal that the mod is active.
Changes to the Spell Tomes are completely reversible, they are undone every time you exit the game. So no worries about uninstallation.
There are few possible compatibility issues since neither the spells nor the tomes are touched directly, only through script. It will likely perfectly adapt to any changes done to them by other mods.
Make sure the file DLCSpellTomes - OBSEfixer.esp loads after DLCSpellTomes.esp, other than that it doesn't really matter where it loads.

But wait there's more! If you call now you will also receive ok, we all miss Billy Mays, now back on topic:
As an added bonus, I've added three Spell Tomes which were missing from their leveled lists (although it might have been intentional), which are for the master chameleon, journeyman disintegrate weapon and novice shield on touch spells. And most important, this mod also fixes the Magicka Vortex spell to actually use a Stunted Magicka effect instead of using a fake and dangerous script effect with it.

Bethesda for the Spell Tomes DLC, arguably the most worthless of them, but hey it did offer me a good enough challenge!
The OBSE team for creating a tool that I can use to exercise my intellect somewhat. I hope my continuous scripting will keep Alzheimer at bay...
Kyoma for the Spell Renamer mod, which taught me a bit about how to recognize and avoid prefixes when reading the spells' names.
You for downloading this and giving it a whirl.

Since I have few chances of living forever, I don't really care what you do with this.