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About this mod

This mod gives the player a \"Guard\'s Ear\" every time an Imperial Legion guard says \"You have my ear, citizen.\"

Permissions and credits
What This Mod Is And Does
You Have My Ear is a small, quirky mod that gives the player a new alchemy ingredient, a Guard's Ear, every time an Imperial Legion Guard says the line "You have my ear, citizen."

The alchemical properties of the Guard's Ear are:

Detect Life 20 ft.
Fortify Agility 10 Points
Fortify Acrobatics 10 Points

Note that the Guard's Ear uses the same texture as a Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap (sorry, I'm not a modeller or texturer).

There are no known bugs with this mod as of yet.

This mod will conflict with any others that edit that specific line of dialogue's resultant script, however, as that is a very narrow requirement, it is unlikely this mod will conflict with any mods.

Installation and Removal
To install this mod, simply download it with your favorite mod manager or manually manage the contents (by unpacking the .esp file with a .7zip compliant program and placing it in your /oblivion/Data folder). When ready to enjoy its features, click the "Data Files" section in your Oblivion launcher and select the "You Have My Ear.esp" checkbox. Then, enjoy!

To uninstall, remove (delete or move elsewhere) the .esp file from your /oblivion/Data folder.

Latest Additions
Version 1-1
*There are now two (2) Guard's Ears in nearly every guard's inventory. Only the guards in the Imperial Palace were not updated to contain two Ears, though they may be in the future. Also, there are a few (two or three) sparse guards throughout the Market District that do not run the script (and did not beforehand, either) do to their lack of being in the ImperialLegion faction. At least, that is what my "research" shows. Due to this, they do not have Ears in their inventories either. If I can determine a fix to this problem, it will be solved.

Future Improvements
Version 1-3 will likely see some sort of a response script. That is, "You Have My Ear", "And I Want It Back..." *Commence Fightclub*.

The delay to the message is still not in Version 1-1, and may not be in 1-3. It's kind of on the backburner.

Oh yeah, and Version 1-2 may include the additions to the Palace Legion guards, if there is an update between 1-1 and 1-3.