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Added: 26/06/2012 - 09:49AM
Updated: 30/05/2017 - 08:30AM

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Last updated at 8:30, 30 May 2017 Uploaded at 9:49, 26 Jun 2012

Replaces some artifact models with better versions and adds new models and textures to unique items that had a regular model. Making them unique finally. 317 items have been reworked. This includes clothing, armour, weapons, and misc. items.

Most of the Models used are used from mods here on the Nexus, some I have made just for this.

Items replaced in v3.0:


Better Unique Items.esp

Oblivion v1.2 patch
Knights of the Nine


Oblivion v1.2 patch
Knights of the Nine


Dragon Sword by Christian Radich of CCRE
atomec_harcane_weapons by atomec
Vvardenfell Imports by themythofanst
Immersive Weapons by Ironman5000
New Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by Obscurum14
RavenWear Clothing by InoZenosis
ZuTheSkunk's True Chrysamere by Zu
300_Brocade Clothes by ByblosHex
Blades Ceremonial Shields by mhahn123
New Amulets by Xiamara
UFF_RM Assassin Elite Armor by Petrovich
Edocs Serpent Dagger Resource by Edocsil
Better Jeweled Rings with REAL gems by Prodigy1208
Morag Tong Armor Tweaks by mordredp
Morrowind Swords by Billyro
Shdw new expanded weapon pack01 by Andragorn
Sword of Kagrenac by ModelMan - Imaginalex - edited by Hilux
Ancient Dagger by AlonsoMartinez Lexx666 Isilmeriel
2h sword - Wolf by Suhoi72
UFF Elven Elite Armor by Petrovich
Sathix Claymore by Lexx666
Daedras Bane by Cydonian_Knight
SPARTAN VIs Spartan Armor version 1 by SPARTANVI
Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapons Mod Resource Pack by Madcat221 RDjeke
Daedric Healer Robes by Dunmermaiden
Mehrunes Dagons Outfit and Axe by Trollf
Ringwraith Mod V2 by The Bloke
Armor of the Samurai Champion by Talos II AKA DarkWind
Robes of the Seraphim by Azumoth
Vermillion and Silverthorn Robes by Kafei by Kafeid
Morrowind Style Dwemer Gear by HelBorne - Ghogiel - Zu - and others
Guilded Cutlass by MasterTanner
Real Black Bow Bandits Revised by ElderScrollsFan001_Aetric
Umbra Replacer by Son6of6Tredis
Insanitys Ebony Sword Replacer by InsanitySorrow
Daedric Lord Armor by McMuffin
Katana Collection by s0ulShatter
Warrdean                  Ayleid Glass                             
InsanitySorrow            Goldbrand and Eltonbrand     
MadCat221 / RDjeke        Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weaponry            
Hanaisse                  InsanitySorrows Empire Swords            
trollf                    Armamentarium - Katanas                  
Bronzebone MODs           Darker Scales of Pitiless Justice        
reaper9111                Reapers Moonstone Ring                   
Walx                      Realsword Breton                         
Edocsil                   Serpent Dagger                           
Ra)                       Christians Claymore                      
1D4VE                     Skyrim Elven Glass Sword                 
Gizmodian                 Dredfire Staff                           
Myopic                    Morrowind Legion Shield                  
Jaysus                    Jaysus Blades 2                          
jgreybear                 Ayleidoon Karan / AyLeidRoyals           
Coolmanx                  Coolmans Dagger Collection               
Dall                      Dalls The Bat                            
Xiamara                   New Amulets