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An illustrated quick start tutorial guide for CLS-Craftybits

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This tutorial is to illustrate how to use a few aspects Craftybits(CB) in a step-by-step manner. It is intended for beginners with little to no experience with CB. At the end the hope is that you will understand the controls and mechanisms used in CB and can apply them to other tasks as well.

Download the zip file and unzip to any folder. The file in the folder is a simple pdf file which you can open with Abode Reader or equivalent.

CLS-Craftybits 0.805.0 or later, which you can find here:

Note1: Cooking in CB 0.810.0 differs somewhat from what is shown here. Simply ignore converting the board, bowl or plate to a specific type, like roasting plate. Now you can do everything on the cooking plate, in the mixing bowl or in the cooking pot without needing to worry about which type.

Note2: No directly game-related mod is included. This is a guide meant to be read prior to or along with playing CLS-Craftybits. If you are already familiar with playing CB, this will be of little use to you.

Thanks to Muffinette, we now have a video illustrating the process. The content of the video and the guide is the same, so unless you wish to have the guide for reference, the video is probably the easier and faster way to get a feel for what Craftybits offers and how to play it.

On the video
A few of the actions, such as getting the flatbread onto the plate in the oven, or picking up the flatbread when done, are a little tricky. Muffinette has demonstrated how to deal with these challenges in the video. If you find handling items in CB a little tricky, have a look and you may learn something. Most of the time things are simpler than this, so if you can handle this, you have the skill you need to succeed with Craftybits.

On Craftybits(CB)
CLS-Craftybits V0.805.0 is now available on TESNexus. Main improvements are the addition of salt used to flavor food acquired by boiling sea water. This means that gathered water now is differentiated between unclean and salt water. Yurt construction is now a two step process involving a frame which can be opened to add the required pelts or hides to build the cover. A brand new file is a beta test of CB-BeeEnhancement, which simulates a bee economy and requires the player to manage the bees for optimal results (though neglect has no particular penalty aside from foregone profits.) As usual, a couple of bug fixes are present, including the missing CB-options problem on starting a new game.

If you are not hooked by the time you finish reading through this tutorial, CB probably isn't for you. CB really isn't for everyone. If you want a fast and furious game with little overhead to distract you from the quests, CB is probably not for you.

If you enjoy role playing and immersion, CB might just be for you. CB is the missing piece to hunger mods that let you eat food but don't offer you any means to cook. Also compliments thirst mods by providing the ability to boil water you find in order to make it drinkable. Sleeping mods are aided by the ability to build yourself a bed or sleeping bag and even to build your own portable yurt (large tent). If your load order features this sort of mod, you will probably like CB.

If you would like to see more guides of this sort, please leave a comment. Suggest a topic if you have something in mind which could use an extra explanation.