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Elsweyr City Extension

by Pieto


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Greatly expands and improves upon the palace district of Corinthe, in Iliana's
Elsweyr: Deserts of Anequina mod.


Have you ever wondered why, when You strolled across the palace district of Corinthe, were you
barred by unwelcoming walls, covering a gaping hole across more than half of the district?

Wonder no more! The doors have been opened, the walls have been razed!

With this mod, You will be given access to a previously unfinished area of the largest city in Elsweyr.
Discover the more well-to-do part of Corinthe, where wealthy citizens have their manors, where lush
greenery adorns wide plazas and narrow alleys and from where the Governor exercises his authority over
the province. Marvel at the marble statues, relax by the bubbling fountains, let the smell of exotic
flowers intoxicate You with wonder, as the rising sun displays a brilliant show of light, shimmering
on the ivory plaster of tall columns and stately facades. Stroll through the streets and chat with
locals, as they go about their carefree lives, in the luxury and splendor of the city of the Pshara.

The entirety of the palace district gets populated with many manors, townhouses, offices and other
establishments. Several large and small plazas and streets surround buildings that stand where once
nothing stood. Only area left unfinished by Iliana is edited in any significant way, and done so in a
manner, that I believe represents her vision for Corinthe, seamlessly blending in style and decor
with the rest of the district. Small changes outside the area include wider light radii on the lamps,
small entrances to the new sewer system. Most importantly, however, the statue of Peryite has been
replaced by a new, well-kept version of bright white marble, flanked at the front by two
water-spewing sculptures.

Alongside the estates of the rich and houses of the middle-class, Imperial Authority of Elsweyr has it's
offices in the district and the Governor of Elsweyr resides there as well. An expensive hotel offers
a place to stay for a weary, and wealthy, traveller, while a wine club offers him a taste of regions
down south. There is also a little shop, but the most unique is a one-of-a-kind tapestry gallery, in the
chambers of the Pshara, but graciously allowed to be visited by the public. What is also added is
a necessity for a city like Corinthe, which is to say, a sewer system beneath the whole city. But who knows
what might be lurking in dark places, away from the reach of the guards. There, adventurers with too nosy an
attitude might find more than they bargained for.


Exteriors 100%
- creating 100%
- furbishing 100%
- detailing 100%

Interiors 70%
- creating 100%
- furbishing 100%
- detailing 10%

NPCs 80%
- creating 100%
- AI 100%
- dialogue 20%

Exteriors are finished, interiors as well, but the don't include, with few exceptions, any small clutter,
misc items, books and things like that. Also there are currently no quests. Some NPCs have unique dialogue.

Future version might include detailing of interiors, more dialogue and a quest or two.


Simply copy into your Data folder and activate using your favourite mod manager. All resources will be
located in their respective folders under ElsweyrCityExtension.

If upgrading from a previous version, please do a clean save first, i.e. disable the old version of the mod,
create a new save and then enable the new version.

Load order:



Compatible with anything that doesn't change the same area of the east part of Corinthe palace world.


- 1.2 - Fixed bug where doors on the bridge between Imperial Offices and Governor's Manor were not accessible
Fixed bug where doors on the bridge between Bshasa Manor and Z'Baad's Townhouse were not accessible
Fixed ownership issue in White Moon Hotel suite
Added patrons to Tenmar Wine Club
Fixed issue where doors to Jo'Rashsadiir Manor would not unlock during the day
Added some clutter to the Imperial Authority Office

- 1.0 - First release


Bethesda for making Oblivion

Iliana for Elsweyr: Deserts of Anequina