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"I heard you were back in town. How are you, my friend?"
The large Orc lifted her gaze from the mug in front of her and gave the young man who had just entered the poorly lit tavern a glance. "I was fine," she muttered.
The young man didn't seem to let the comment dishearten him, and sat down at the Orc's otherwise empty table. "You were out east with that crazy Redguard, weren't you?"
The Orc sighed deeply, realizing that her quiet drinking time was over. "Yes. Damned crazy mage. Would have left him out there, if the pay hadn't been so good."
"He's heading out again, right? I heard he was looking for more men. Thought I might join in. Hey, maybe you can put in a good word for me?"
The Orc chuckled. "And what good word would that be? That you're a unique combination of stupid, lazy and overall incompetent? Besides, I'm heading west tomorrow. Got a caravan headed for Anvil that needs a little more protection than the Legion can provide." She spat at the ground.
"What? But what about the good pay?"
"Ain't no amount of gold in the world that's gonna make me go back to that cave with that damned mage." She nodded towards one of the tables further in, where two Khajiit and one Bosmer were seated. "See those three over there? That's the mage's new protection. And I'll be damned to share a job with people like them."
"Hey, I don't love the furballs myself, but I didn't think you were..."
The Orc cut him off. "It ain't about that! Look at them. Those aren't mercenaries. They're not here for the gold. They're here for the adventure." She spat out the last word like it had a particularly bad taste in her mouth, and took another mouthful of beer.
"Didn't know you to be one to back down from a job just 'cause it's dangerous."
"There's a difference between a job being dangerous and it being plain suicide. You don't live to my age without knowing that. From what I saw in that cave, it ain't no afternoon field trip that mage's planning. He's planning to travel far. And it ain't Morrowind he's headed for. I prefer jobs you actually return from, and this ain't one of them. I'll be happy to leave this one to the crazies. And with all the posters he's put up, I'm sure he'll have plenty of crazies to pick from."

----:::|| A Brave Old World ||:::----

A quest/new worldspace add-on for The Elder Scrolls IV, now finally done after years of hard work.

Are you ready for one last great adventure?

::: Requirements :::

Shivering Isles
OBSE (latest version): http://obse.silverlock.org
-Elys- Universal Silent Voice: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16622
ScreenEffects: oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16323
Akatosh Mount by Saiden Storm: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=oblivionmods.detail&id=2774

::: Installation :::

1. Make sure you have Shivering Isles and the latest version of OBSE installed.
2. If you havn't already, download and install Universal Silent Voice, ScreenEffects and Akatosh Mount. Also, please note that the Akatosh Mount esp must be active in your mod list for related parts of 'A Brave Old World' to function properly. However, I recomend that you do not use the mounts from the Akatosh Mount mod while playing 'A Brave Old World'.
3. Copy the downloaded Data folder into your Oblivion folder. If asked to owerwrite, click 'Yes'. Activate the two esms and the three esps.

::: Load order/Conflicts :::

Since this mod is set mainly outside Cyrodiil, it will (hopefully) not have any major conflicts with any other mods. However, the cells 27,22; 49,1 and 49,2 in the Tamriel worldspace have some minor edits, as have all of the major cities. If any other mod changes the aforementioned cells, and strange bugs occur, I recommend disabling the conflicting mods while playing through 'A Brave Old World'.
Because of this relatively conflict free nature, the esms and esps can be placed late in your load order.
The internal order should be as following:
MooCow's EuropeLike.esm
A Brave Old World Pt. I.esm
A Brave Old World Pt. II.esp
A Brave Old World Pt. III.esp
A Brave Old World Pt. IV.esp

::: Starting your adventure :::

Travel to any major city and look for a poster. They usually sit by a tavern or near one of the city gates.