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Realistic stand based on the ground slope like in Fallout3 or Skyrim

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Unlike in Sykrim or Fallout3, the player in Oblivion has always the same foot position, independent of the slope of the ground beneath the feet. Sometimes this can look really weired, because one of the feet is floating while the other one sticks into the ground.

Dynamic Foot Position (DFP) is my attempt to correct this.

DFP has 2 modi: a manual mode, which works similar as any pose mod, and an automatic mode where the foot position is updated constantly, without the need of intervention. The automatic version can be dis/enabled in-game by a configurable key combination.

Unlike pose mods, the legs can still be moved as usual. Therefore, DFP is compatible with all idle overhauls, like "personality idles" and "see you sleep".

DFP corrects also the "sunken" or "floating" player problem to a certain extend (+/- 8 units).

DFP works only on terrain, not on statics (like stairs or rocks) and not in interiors.


* OBSE v20
* A skeleton with "scale bones", e.g. Growlfs one ( Do *not* use Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeleton.


Any mod which uses scale bones.

For "Vipcxjs Real High Heels System" a patch is available in the download section (works with RHH v0.93 and DFP beta6). Here the load order should be:


At the time being, the height of the heels is limited to 8 units (corresponds to HH)


Install Growlfs skeleton and OBSE, if not yet done.

Drop the archive into Oblivion\Data. Enable DynamicFootPosition.esp. Nehrim users should use DynamicFootPositionNehrim.esp

DFP *must* be in the load order after any other idle mods like "personality idles" or "see you sleep".

Key controls

(The key assigment can be changed in the ini file)

Use the key combination "N+1" to dis/enable the automatic system.

"N+2" forces a reset (default foot position). "N+3" forces DFP to select the correct feet position. These 2 actions are working also in the manual mode. If you have severe problems with the automatic update, this is a fallback solution (e.g. for screenshots).

"N+4" gives some debugging information, like the current correct position, and the number of idle changes.

Known limitations

Oblivion has no real time physics for the player idles. The idles are sometimes blocked by the idle manager of the game engine. If this happens, wait for 1-2 seconds, and try to move the player itself. Btw, the probability that you see stalled poses is much higher if you are runnung a version with 200 mods and 49283 quests. I really tries hard to minimize this problem, but it is still there.

While running or walking, the player goes into reset mode.

The animation when turning left and right is still the Vanilla one. In my opinion this looks not perfect, together with the additional leg angles. Btw, in Skyrim Bethesda has avoided the problem: there is no left/right turn animation any more.

During combat, the automatic system will be disabled. Otherwise the idle poses would stop your attacks.

The number of combinations is limited. Therefore the precision is not endless.

There is no way to check if the player is standing on a static. I use a keepout box to check, if there is some terrain around the player. In this case I assume that the height must be corrected. Try to reduce KeepOutSize if you need to stay on very small stones.

If you want to use a pose ball, disable the automatic system by using "N+1". Otherwise you will see funny effects.


The aim is still to make some of the poses at higher angles anatomically more correct.

* Add first order feet angles for slopes at -10, -5, 5 and 10 degree
* Add proper second order feet angles (they are depending on the leg angle, because the feet are not parallel, and therefore should have slightly different angles)
* Fine-tune the angle of the foot in "coarse" mode (it is needed because nobody can bend the feet more than 20 degree up)
* Fine-tune the phi-angle of the foot (inward-outward bending).
* Add toe angle (for the coarse leg angles at 15, 20 and 30 degree)
-> In total 50 (25 for each leg) kf-files.
* Copy and tune these files for different heights

Credits / tools used

* Nifscope
* Wrye Bash
* Tes4Edit
* Tes4Gecko
* OBSE and all people who did this job of reverse engineering
* Vipcxj for RHH
* Nephenee13 for testing and reporting many bugs
* Growlf for the skeleton
* All people providing information on the CS-wiki
* Antiscamp for DibellasWatch (an ideal place for testing)