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10 magic, animated shields which are actually an edited ring mesh :D

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Shield Rings by chakaru11

"While it will feel ridiculous, it will look awesome!"

What is this?

10 animated, rotating shields - WAIT. Those are not in the shield slot! What gives? Actually, these are RINGS. So it does not matter which weapon you wear or on which hand you want to wear these. You can even wear 2 of them at the same time! I mainly made these with archers and mages in mind - because seriously, those are damage dealers, not tanks. So why not give them a shield? And yes, I know that you can not block with these. But this is a fantasy game. Cut me some slack, kay? XD They look like shields, so there. It's called imagination!
And even if you can not block with them, you can enchant the hell out of them. Which I did.

Like I said, there are 10 shield rings here - all of them are available for the left and the right hand, so basically it's 20 rings.

The enchantments range from shield grand (Esme's crest) to fortify strength grand (Crusader Cross), so yeah. They are not cheat items, but close XD I tried to find enchantments that fit every single shield. So "Cloud" gives you feather grand, "Ice Crystal" gives you resist frost grand etc etc. You get the picture.
I also set their weight to 0. Because you know. MAGIC. What?! Your character is able to carry around half a village without even wearing a backpack. So don't bother me with realism. Move along!

The mesh itself consists of three (!) flat planes which are located above the hand and rotate at different speeds. I kept the UV mapping as simple as possible (meaning: a square with the texture centered in the middle XD), so if you have your own, neat magic circle textures, slap them on these babies and whoo, you are good to go!
But be aware that I set the colors in Nifskope, so if your own textures suddenly are very colorful, open N'ifskope and click on the little color palette icons in the material branches and set the colors to white.


In the place where every story starts, that's where you will find them. (And if you are all "RIDDLES SUCK!", watch the video. Geez.)


Drag and drop. No custom icons or other thingamabobs, so all this adds are a few tiny meshes and even tinier textures. The entire file is really small. Almost invisible. You won't notice a thing, promise.

Legal stuff:

I can't really see how anyone would want to use these, since they are pretty useless, but here goes. Use them to your hearts content, but please tell me if you want to include them in your mods.
Please do not re-upload this on other sides - unless it's about translating it to another language. For that, please contact me too :)

That be all