Orsimer Overhaul by Room207
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Orsimer Overhaul by Room207

Before you start reading, be aware that this mod is designed specifically for male Orcs and it reflects my personal idea of them as fierce and intimidating creatures. Making cute female Orcs after installing this will be nearly impossible.


Despite its high-sounding title, this mod does very little: it replaces Orcs' head mesh and textures with new ones made by me.
I've always been disappointed by how dumb Oblivion's Orcs look and I've been eagerly wishing for a mod that could turn them into something aesthetically more appealing. Although there are awesome modders out there who are much more capable than me, no-one ever made an overhaul facelift for the Orcs. Here I'm trying to fill the gap myself.

This mod includes:
- a new Orc head featuring a wider and more defined jaw and a round forehead (default's was flat);
- a new 1024x1024 face texture;
- a new set of 512x512 male and female age maps that stay close to the original ones;
- tweaked Orc hair meshes that fit the new head shape (I swapped the Plains Coif style with the Court one, all the others have remained the same).

This mod does not include:
- new hairstyles (however the new head is now compatible with almost any hair pack out there for humans and elves);
- new eyes (I recommend Flan's eyes, you can find some here and some on his blog);
- additional age maps (I highly recommend Django's Unique Features);
- body meshes/textures.


To install just copy meshes and textures into your Oblivion\Data\ folder.
Simply delete the files to uninstall.

Credits and Permissions

This mod is fully playable but I'm releasing it as a resource. You can freely use it in your own works as long as you give me credit.


You can find me on TESNexus as 'Room207'

I dedicate this mod to the following people:
- Maczopikczo
- Sanvean
- SailorTaurus
- KingTitan