Trade and Commerce Update by Haldar
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Added: 04/04/2012 - 07:53PM
Updated: 11/07/2017 - 04:49PM

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Last updated at 16:49, 11 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 19:53, 4 Apr 2012

This is an update to Trade and Commerce mod by Elestat.

Changes are:
1. Fixed a crash when redressing a shopkeeper girl. Same with guards' gear.
2. Guard now has a name.
3. Added 2 more guards.
4. Quest for shop can be completed now, quest for trainer is removed.
5. Integrated a quest delayer - it will start now when PC is in Oak and Crosier Inn
6. Store furniture price is increased tenfold. Outfit a store for a 300g? Unrealistic.
7. Store cost increased to 15000 gp.
8. Added a separate upgrade for epic items, it costs 100'000 gold.
9. Slightly altered girl's dialogue, she has a bit of background now.
10. Girl's gear now has a positive impact on chance to sell. It works across all types of gear. +1 to sell per 20000 gp of gear, capped at +10.
11. Now girl's mercantile skill governs sell price instead of yours.
12. You can ask her to train mercantile skill. She'll do it if there's enough gold.
13. Rewrote sorting script. Now it will not duplicate your items and it handles correctly stolen stuff. Girl will talk about it when opening the store.
14. Adjusted her AI also. She now sleeps and eats and is not allergic to beer too.
15. Added an extra bed to the cellar. Just in case.
16. Integrated an 'available market' system - now you can sell only so much stuff before hitting a wall.

Each week a value is calculated as a sum of your fame, infamy and a special bonus tied to bought store upgrades. Then a random is called between this and 1, and a result is a max amount of gold (in thousands) you can get from a shop during this week. Upon reaching this limit sell probabilities will start to get lower, the more you oversell, the faster they get down - to be restored next week. So you can get good weeks and bad ones, like in RL.

This allows you to make use of selling stuff to traders again, as you can eat available market for your goods very fast. Get famous -- more ppl will come to buy your stuff.

However, it will bring troubles too.

17. Integrated thievery system.

Each day a (virtual) thief has a chance to visit your store, that chance is based on same values as the possible sale amount, but in this case your infamy protects you. Be evil enough - and thieves will not even look at it!

Thieves may strike at either your office (stealing gold) or valut (stealing stuff from chests). You cannot recover stolen stuff by any means.

Protect your stuff. Hire guards, more the better and

18. Buy locks!

Yea, locks are available for purchase from a fellow merchant. They are not cheap though, but still.

1. Don't open your store on Morndas. As soon as you hire the girl a script for weekly upkeep will run - and you have no access to lockbox to pay her from yet. So she'll abandon you and you'll need to hire her again, thus losing some gold.
2. Sometimes storage manifest will return incorrect number of items ready to be sold, 1 greater than the real number. It is harmless, just some zero-value token may be counted there.

Dump the esp into /data folder, load right after Trade and Commerce.esp. My file has that one as a master. Clean installation required, so get rid of old store first.

Fixed still remaining possible crash when redressing a shopkeeper girl. Now i officially hate RemoveMe command. Also fixed the issue of guards sometimes not getting resurrected after death and rehiring.

Updated the location of shop when used with latest Better Cities (6.0.0+) and Clocks of Cyrodiil. Still ugly a bit tho, but it will work. Also i haven't touched pathgrids that still exist below the store, don't wanna make it into a BC-specific mod (and cba to make a patch). Requires a new game or a clean save!

Redressing a girl caused duplication of apples in her inventory. Fixed now. Also -- minimum sell price is now 1gp, was 0 before.

Initial release.