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Fly With Us! Spyro and Cynder replacement meshes and textures for Drake's Anthro-Dragons flying in render sequence + story conclusion to end my Spyro&Cynder series of shots.

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No asking where's the mod, please! The fan work assets can be obtained through the mods I linked below, the flight itself is not yet done!

This is the concluding part of a series of render images created to show off the results of a work on request on replacement textures and meshes for my Anthro-Dragon Race to turn the male Red-Gold dragons into Spyro and the female Black dragons into Cynder from the The Legend Of Spyro series of console games. And isn't it a fitting conclusion?

Ever wanted to fly along with the two after the ending cutscenes of Dawn Of The Dragon? Well, now you can, with kind regards from my loving couple, Drake and his fiance Kaira. ...Hardcore role-players, those two, I tell you!

The meshes and textures I created were put to use by SpyrosFire@TESNexus in two mods of his:
Spyro The Dragon
Cynder The Dragon

The series of previous render scenes can be found at TESNexus or in my deviantArt gallery.

Story background to the three images provided:

After Drake and Kaira were having their fun playing Spyro and Cynder, Kaira's childhood heroes, or better yet only Kaira was, Drake got a little into trouble with this whole payback idea and Kaira's inevitable revenge for this, they decided to do something less... violent for a change and started off for a flight over the countryside. The childish little dragons the two are this couldn't just stay a nice and comfy afternoon walk, no... and so Kaira, or should I say Cynder, soon came up with

"Race you to the waterfalls, 'Spyro'!"

Afterwards they climbed as high up into the sky as they could manage to get and admired the beautiful night sky above Cyrodiil together, flying in unison.

And at the end of the day the loving couple was flying towards the sunset at the horizon above Topal Bay.

"Say, Drake, when do you think this paint will come off? I'm beginning to miss your scales' shiny golden color!"

"Well, my love, your's washable, of course. You know I always play safe. Just take a shower in the waterfalls tomorrow and it's gone. Mine, however... well, you took good care I won't be able to get it off anytime soon, I think."

"Aww, 'washable'?! And the paint I put onto you is water-proof! Now I'm feeling even more bad for it, Drake. I'm sorry."

"Now, now, don't be, sweety. There's no need for it. We can always 'shape-shift' back to normal again, did you forget? Next time we do this, let's use shape-shifting right from the start, instead of paint and lockable jewellery, ok?"

And both were heard laughing while flying off to the horizon and into the darkness of the night.

(Oh look, there's Sparx! Now, where did they get that guy from?!)

After I was done doing research for the exact looks of Spyro and Cynder, which I must admit I've never known in my youth nor did I play any of the series' games, I was so intrigued by the simple straight-forward way of flight in DotD, I couldn't resist trying something similar for my Oblivion mod! There's still a lot to do, but I think the first animation tests look pretty promising already. This could be a system of flight I could actually implement more or less with ease... only given I get enough free time to actually do so, of course. Well, we'll see.

Hope you like it!