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Adapts the arena armors, rogue outfit, and guard cuirasses from Kvatch Rebuilt for The Girl Next Door body.

Permissions and credits
======== TOP MATTER ========

TGND2 Kvatch Rebuilt Replacer v1.0.2
Assembled and tweaked by Manks

========= SUMMARY ==========

Adapts the arena armors, rogue outfit, and guard cuirasses from Kvatch Rebuilt for The Girl Next Door body.

======= REQUIREMENTS =======

The Girl Next Door Female Body and Clothing Replacer by Luchaire and Kalia, version 2.1b or greater (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=30914). Realistically, any Exnem/HGEC compatibable body and textures will do, although things'll look strange without TGND.

Kvatch Rebuilt v2.1.1 or greater by the Kvatch Rebuilt team (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=15412). Very likely compatible with previous versions, but I don't know the mod's history so well.

======= INSTALLATION =======

Regardless of the method of installation, this archive needs to be installed *after* Kvatch Rebuilt, as this one replaces some of Kvatch Rebuilt's files.


1. Drop the release archive into your BASH Installers Folder.

2. In Wrye Bash, Installers tab, make sure that the installer is positioned after the main Kvatch Rebuilt mod.

3. Right click on the archive and select "Install".


I don't use OBMM, so while the mod has OMOD conversion data available, I can't say exactly how it will work. Presumably, install like any other OMOD-ready mod, albeit after Kvatch Rebuilt.


1. Drop the contents of the archive directly into your oblivion/data folder.


Gives the armor in Kvatch Rebuilt the typical TGND treatment, including a slightly larger butt, bit of a tummy, thinner wrists, flatter chest, and smaller feet. The Kvatch Rebuilt rogue armor was assembled and resized from various sources, and vertex weights were adjusted until clipping was eliminated.

No changes to records are necessary as everything is done by swapping in different meshes, so there is no ESP.

Hopefully v1.0.2 will be final.

Side notes:
All meshes have been optimized with PyFFI-py3k 2.2.0
Comments are always welcome

====== UNINSTALLATION ======

For BAIN and OMOD formats, use their respective managers to uninstall the changes.

For manual install, load up your Kvatch Rebuilt installer and find the folders:
meshes/KR Underground

Copy those from the installer directly into your oblivion/data directory.

========= CHANGES ==========

Version 1.0.2 - 04/16/2012
Slimmed and straightened the waist/hips area of the arena outfit. Also deleted some extraneous flesh to make it perform better
Coded the rogue armor's hands as "skin" so that they'll change color to match the body

Version 1.0.1 - 04/01/2012
Redid town guard cuirasses to have straighter skirts
Separated the mesh parts on the chest pieces and relabeled them so that, for the most part, only the arms are now visible in first person (like vanilla)
Various Nifskope tweaks/optimizations

Version 1.0.0 - 03/24/2012
initial release

====== REDISTRIBUTION ======

Everything in this mod can be redistributed without asking for permission, but it is required that you give credit to the original arists.

If you wish to redistribute something that uses a body-part mesh, cite the folks listed under "Body parts" in the credits. Otherwise, to redistribute any armors, cite those listed under "Armors" in the credits.

In addition, if you want to be polite about it, it would be nice to ask the Kvatch Rebuilt folk before doing anything as this links to their textures.

======= TOOLS USED =========

Blender 2.49b
Nifskope 1.1.0-RC5
PyFFI 2.2.0
TES4Edit 3.0.15

========= CREDITS ==========

Body parts:

They derive from TGND by Luchaire and Kalia, assisted by Chingari, Sickleyield, Kristoffer, and Alt3rn1ty. Tracing the work way back, it originated with Exnem and Raiar and their Exnem and HGEC bodies.

The arms were inspired by Team Fantasy Figures by AcidRain, Corwyn, Daede, Kalikut, Oubliette, Robert, and SickleYield.

Robert's female feet were adapted by Luchaire. Credits: Robert, Drazius, Baron B, AmberAder, Edhildil, RomanAder, and Coronerra.


All but one mesh was tweaked from TGND armor replacer, whose existence is due to Luchaire and Kalia but can be traced to EVE HGEC Eyecandy Variants Expansion (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=24078). Project credits are Axil, Corepcmmp, Grhys, Gudwyn, MadCat221, Morphan, Lol9, Sm0ken1nfin8, Zinni, and xFrancis147.

The final mesh was directly adapted from Vanilla sources, and forms the pants in the rogue outfit. Of course, credit goes to Bethesda for creating the game and the original versions of all of this.

Beyond that, everything in here is in some sense a retexture of a Vanilla object, so that anything looks purty and new is due to the fine folk who gave us Kvatch Rebuilt: the Kvatch Rebuilt Team. They have a rather lengthy list of credits, but their names appear in the Kvatch Rebuilt readme that comes with the mod.