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This mod add a buyable country style house in Giliad. The basic price is 5000 Gold. It comes in two versions, the first with the safe chest in the basement, and the second \"Giliad house for sale NC\" without the safe chest (for unbelievers and skeptics).

Permissions and credits
Name: Giliad house for sale
Version: 1.0
Date: 22/03/2012
Category: Player's Home

Oblivion with last patch

Author: Garnet

This mod add a buyable country style house in Giliad. The basic price is 5000 Gold.

It comes in two versions, the first with the safe chest in the basement, and the second "Giliad house for sale NC" without the safe chest (for unbelievers and skeptics).

The house is located in Giliad, just south of the Marcus house near the river.

For buy a house you must contact Frida in "Traveller's tavern" in Erothin, The information note is found on the entrance door.
Frida is disponible from 8 am to 5 pm in the tavern. She is usually reading on the first floor.
Afer that she take a walk to the Market Plaza till 8 pm. and after she goes with their job. In case of raining time she don't leave the tavern.

The house consist of the kitchen, sleeping loft, additional bed on the first floor, bathroom, exposition area in the basement, cellar and alchemy room. Outside is a vegetable garden and a stable.

In the basement is situated the Safe Chest.

During the night the windows are darkened so you have the feeling that the real night is fell.


The new items can be buyed at "Tavern on the Crossroads" and "Tenzos' Heros of all Sorts" by Justine.

The place is fully pathed for Companion mod.

All meshes and textures are in proper MV folders, so when you deinstall the mod don't have
to worry about shared resources.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy files to (install folder)\Nehrim\Data\
4. Start Nehrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the Giliad house for sale.esp file.

1.Remove MV folders from Data
2.Start Nehrim Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the Giliad house for sale.esp file.

If you remove the mod, be sure to move all your goodies from the place.

With any mod that occupies this area, change the "Tavern on the Crossroads", "Tenzos' Heros of all Sorts", "Traveller's tavern" and Erothin Theater.

Bugs and issues
The mod is tested and works fine. Cleaned with TES4Gecko. The hats and scarves works like amulets, that mean that you must equip some clothes or armor that don't hide amulets in order to be visible.

You can find me like Garnet in
and - EN section
or like Garnet1 on
Orleave a message here on TesNexus.

This mod use many resources, I put them in separate folders with modder's name.
Keep in mind that most of meshes and textures are reworked to suits the needs
of this mod. If you look for resources, it's best to obtain the original resource or mod.
Altered meshes and textures are renamed to avoid conflicts.

Big thanks to:

Aisis for the zwiebeldishes
AndySauras for the teaset and laboratory equipement
Carah for the quilt textures
Gildur for the invisible furniture
Kalikut for the lace curtain texture
Krimsyn Kane and Kikaimegami for the Scarves
LadyLi for the glass texture
Meo for the winerack and wateringcan
MJY for the grinder.
Momo for the crates, ropes and hanging clothes
Metz and Disturbed for the weaponracks
Oblivionmonk for the bathtowels
PaleRider for the hats
Yevic for the daylight and housedeed script
Stroti for the display, hydrangewhite tree and rose tree
Texian for the water statics
Whitefang for the lemon
Xiamara for the pillows and mirror texture
MentalElf for the TES4Files
LHammonds for the Readme Generator

Oranges and lemons from
Flowers from
Terracotta by

Many of my textures are inspired and adapted from various internet sources.

Fried chicken - model by Lynda Taverna
Fried Egg from
Smallroundtable - freebie and reworked

My stuff:
Retextured and reworked Bethesda and Nehrim meshes.
Items and textures in folders Arhitecture, Books, Clutter, Food, Furniture, Paintings and Containers.

Thanks to SureAi for creating Nehrim, the best game ever played
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion and give as the CS
Thanks to for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to all modders who shared experinces and bugs

Tools Used
7-Zip -
Blender -
NIFSkope -
Photoshop -
TES4Files -
TES Construction Set -
Readme Generator -

You can not change this mod and redistribute it without my permission.
You can freely use my resources of this mod (check credits area), I ask in return
you give me credit. I would also like to know what mods are including my work.
For others resources is the best to check the originals autors listed above.
And give credit where credit is due.

Have fun and endorse me if you like the mod :-)))