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An Add-On for CLS-Craftybits to allow you to chose whether you want to cook more or less than in standard CB and standardizes and rationalizes the weights of miscellaneous items.

Permissions and credits
Uploaded: March 16, 2012
Last update: Feb 7, 2014
This mod is now obsolete, for CB 0.810.0 use the version in the Add-ons and glues pack.

IMPORTANT: Choose one version, do not use more than one at a time. Make sure you use the same version as the version number of CLS-Craftybits, currently 0.806.0.

Do you enjoy cooking in CLS-Craftybits and would like a reason to do so more often? Or maybe you like CLS-Craftybits and hunger mods but you don't want to do all that much cooking while the fate of Cyrodiil is at stake? If either of these apply, this Craftybits Add-On is for you. It also improves the weights of furniture and other items you can craft to be more consistent.

So, what's the deal with this mod?

CLS-Craftybits is designed to integrate smoothly with hunger mods such as Basic Primary Needs (BPN), Vim and Vigor Advanced (VVA) and RealHunger. These mods depend on the weight of the food you eat to determine your hunger level. So by varying the weight of the food items in the game, you can increase (CLS-Craftybits_Weights_Hard.esp) or decrease (CLS-Craftybits_Weights_Easy.esp) your need to cook. This mod also standardizes the weights of various other items, mostly miscellaneous to produce more logical, more realistic weights. For example furniture weights go up drastically to reflect most of the weight of their components. So you probably will not want to build a bed in one location and haul it all the way across Tamriel, at least not in your own inventory.

The version of CLS-Craftybits Weights should match the version of CLS-Craftybits you are using. This mod will be updated as necessary to stay in step with CLS-Craftybits. Current version is 0.806.0.

On request I will make an omod version, but the interest appears limited enough that those interested can probably make their own just fine. We are considering fusing this into the main CB, probably the hard version. Please comment if you have an opinion on the subject.


This mod REQUIRES Craftybits V08 Beta (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=41774). Unless otherwise stated, assume that it is NOT compatible any other older version of Craftybits. It is compatible with all existing and planned CB Glues and Add-Ons.

As such, it also requires OBSE which can be found at http://obse.silverlock.org/

Decide if you wish to cook more often than in standard Craftybits or less often. If you wish to do more cooking, download and install CLS-Craftybits_Weights_Hard.esp. If you don't want to do so much cooking or just want the other features, select CLS-Craftybits_Weights_Easy.esp. You only need one of the two and you should not use them both at the same time, since they will conflict with one another.

Place the chosen .esp in your game's Data directory and activate with your preferred Mod Manager. Make sure it loads AFTER the CLS-Craftybits.esp. Place as late in your load order as possible. Best after a Bash patch, if you are using one, since Bash does not always give it precedence with respect to weights. It only modifies vanilla and craftybits records but you don't want another mod overwriting the weights of some of the items and derailing it. Also includes CB's leveled lists to make sure these are applied. But there are no serious consequences from another mod overwriting a file, other than the weight of an item might be "wrong" from the perspective of CB-Weights. This should not cause crashes under any circumstances.

To uninstall simply delete the .esp. This should not impact a save, other than to require resetting of the CB arrays on first use after removal.

Using the Mod

Just install it as given above. The first time you open a savegame, you must go to your CB-Options menu and select Reset Arrays. Any saves made after that are fine and do not require resetting of the arrays again unless you deactivate the esp.

Potential Problems / Compatibility
Created while using Real Hunger Cobl (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=21106), though it is compatible with other hunger mods as well, since it only modifies CB and weights of vanilla items. Any mod relying on vanilla weights for some purpose may not function correctly. I am not aware of any such mods, though, so if you find one, please let me know.


Munch Universe

Thanks to Borgiak for the pie models used in the pictures featured in Craftybits.
Thanks to the Craftybits Team and StrayGenius for making TES4Edit, which greatly simplified the creation and verification of this mod.


Support for CB Team mods is usually available through the CB Team forum at The Wormhole. http://thewormhole.nfshost.com/forum/index.php/board,162.0.html