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A simple, immersive alternate start for Craftybits players that starts you out in front of the Crafting Guild. Based on Player Starts Elsewhere by ElPolloAzul.

Permissions and credits
Your cousin, a chronic troublemaker, has just left after a strange, hasty and tense visit to you at the Crafting Guild Guildhall. Just as he was boarding a ship bound for the outer provinces he handed you a small, heavy package and letter. After seeing him off you find yourself standing deep in thought under the night sky. It feels your life is at a crossroads but you're not quite sure why...

So, what's the deal with this mod?

This is a pretty simple little mod. My main goal in making it was to facilitate easy testing of Craftybits but also to provide a realistic, non-combat based start to the game for players that wish to ease into (or avoid altogether) the main quest. One of the goals of Craftybits is to make a non-combat centric playthrough feasible and this Alt Start option gives you a fast, well lit and simple start that is completely immersive and in-character.


This mod REQUIRES Craftybits V08 Beta (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=41774). Unless otherwise stated, assume that it is NOT compatible any other version of Craftybits.

As such, it also requires OBSE which can be found at http://obse.silverlock.org/

Place the .esp in your game's Data directory and activate with your preferred Mod Manager. Make sure it loads AFTER the CLS-Craftybits-OBSE.esp

To uninstall simply delete the .esp. Be aware that this ~might~ cause issues with the main quest. It also might not: it is untested. I recommend uninstalling the mod only if you wish to start a new game without it.

Using the Mod

This mod ONLY works properly with a new game, obviously. As far as I know it will have no effect on an existing save except perhaps to give you the package from your cousin. This is also untested.

Upon competing the various character generation screens several seconds will pass before a message mentioning your cousin's visit (similar to the top section above) pops up and the package is placed in your inventory.

To read your cousin's letter you can simply click on the package in your inventory. This will NOT give you the Amulet of Kings and will NOT start the main quest. To receive the Amulet of Kings and start the main quest you must drop the package out of your inventory and open it (activate it.)

If you wish you can simply drop the package and ignore it to enjoy a main quest free game. In this case be careful not to lose the package, however, because it is the only way to start the main quest short of console commands or starting a new game.

Potential Problems

I have played through to the end of the game with this mod and, to my knowledge, it doesn't affect any of the other aspects of the game except how the game starts. That said there is always the possibility of conflicts with other mods, particularly those that look at progress through the starter dungeon for their cues on when to kick in.

If you find that one or another mod in your load order is not initiating properly try disabling that mod until the Alt Start sequences have finished, you have opened (dropped and activated) the package and received the Amulet of Kings and received the quest update about delivering the Amulet to Jauffre. This is the quest equivalent of standing outside the sewer grate in a standard start. Save your game and exit, reenable the mod that wasn't initiating properly and load up your save. In most cases the mod should then initiate properly.


This is based on Player Starts Elsewhere, an alt start resource by ElPolloAzul.

Thanks to the Craftybits Team for years of the most wonderful team development environment imaginable. Oh, and for the mod Craftybits on which this is dependent.


Support for CB Team mods is usually available through the CB Team forum at The Wormhole. http://thewormhole.nfshost.com/forum/index.php/board,162.0.html

I, CLShade, am (currently) mostly retired from modding, however, so I can't commit to much active development, bug fixes or support of this mod. I still frequent The Wormhole, though, so if you run into a problem with this mod post there.

Modder Info

This mod can be used freely as a resource as it is based on a free resource. Since this is dependent on CB, though, I'd recommend starting with ElPolloAzul's mod instead and modifying it to your own needs. If you do use my version as a base please credit both ElPolloAzul and me. Enjoy!