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Replaces the mesh for the daedric artifact known as Spellbreaker.

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As of right now, you want to use my other version. It's 10 000 times better.


Doo eet

This mod replaces the model for the Spellbreaker, reward from the Peyrite daedric quest.
It comes in two formats: one with reflective parts (to ''reflect'' it's magical properties), and one without. I also have added a little optional tweak that gives it a daedric shield's armor rating, so that this GODLY shield dosen't feel like a paper sheet... Make sure you download the correct file according to your needs.

Oh! So, those were the droids you were looking for? *Does weird Jedi finger trick* You Will Endorse This file!

Note: The sword in the screenshots is another mod from me, Umbra Replacer. The armor is still a WIP, once again from me.



1.0 : Initial release



The official 1.2.416 oblivion patch, or the Shivering Isles expansion.

OBMM (Oblivion Mod Manager), or 7-Zip archiver.



None that I can think of.



OBMM install:

-Click the OMod file (this should open The Oblivion Mod Manager)
-Select this mod in the list (there should be a green square beside its name)
-Click Activate
-Launch Oblivion

Manual install:

-Using 7-Zip, unzip the file.
-Select and copy the «Spellbreaker Replacer.esp» (note that the name will differ relatively to what file you chose to download), Meshes and Textures folders found inside to your C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data directory, so that the file paths look like this (basically dump them into your Data folder):

C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Meshes
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Textures
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Spellbreaker Replacer.esp

It would be an honor to know that another modder has used these files to further his own goals. As long as, of course, my name appears somewhere.

Do NOT, however, use this mod or any part of it in a Skyrim mod, I'll do that myself once I can get a better dinosaur to play on...


First and foremost, I have to thank the whole TESNexus community for the ideas, tutorials, help and inspiration they provide to every newcomer. Also, many thanks to Bethesda Softworks for producing one of the most fantastic games in the Multiverse.

A few special thanks to:

The owner of the Nexus sites, Dark0ne, for his unrelenting work
LHammonds, for his devotion and help on technical matters

And a very special thanks to Jojjo, whose truly magnificent and inspiring works have litterally sucked me into the fantastic «modding-texturing-3d modeling-animation» vortex.



Photoshop CS4
Oblivion Mod Manager
BSA unpacker
And FRAPS for the screenshots