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The following sentences are the one that the machine was translated.
Please give it up when you do not understand the meaning.

It is MOD such as the dress change of FF-X2.
This MOD, it is the one to switch equipment automatically according to the kind of equipped arms.
The person of embarrassing it because it is heavy when fully having it : this please though there are some favorite fixtures ?.
However, because it is only externals, the performance is different.

There is preparing it by two kinds of about the type that the upper-body, the type, the upper-body that the lower half of the body and shoes combine, and the lower half of the body, shoes, and the arm become separate.
Both, added Enchantment is as follows.

added Enchantment:
Feather 200
Reflect Damage 10
Reflect Spell 10
Fortify Magicka 100
Fortify Health 100
Fortify Attribute
Endurance 10
Strength 5
Personality 10

There are five kinds of kinds of the switched equipment as follows.


Concretely, it explains how to do.
A necessary NIF file is enclosed in this Mod as the sample.
The name is changed to the following places and the NIF file that has already been included in introduced MOD is copied.

The NIF file name of the equipment of the all-in-one design is as follows.

HandtoHand : Data/meshes/PEM/BaseWear.nif
One-Handed : Data/meshes/PEM/LightWear.nif
Two-Handed : Data/meshes/PEM/HeavyWear.nif
Bow : Data/meshes/PEM/BowWear.nif
Staff : Data/meshes/PEM/StaffWear.nif

The NIF file name of equipment according to the part is as follows.

HandtoHand :
Cuirass Data/meshes/PEM/BaseWearCuirass.nif
Greaves Data/meshes/PEM/BaseWearGreaves.nif
Gauntlets Data/meshes/PEM/BaseWearGauntlets.nif
Boots Data/meshes/PEM/BaseWearBoots.nif
One-Handed :
Cuirass Data/meshes/PEM/LightWearCuirass.nif
Greaves Data/meshes/PEM/LightWearGreaves.nif
Gauntlets Data/meshes/PEM/LightWearGauntlets.nif
Boots Data/meshes/PEM/LightWearBoots.nif
Two-Handed :
Cuirass Data/meshes/PEM/HeavyWearCuirass.nif
Greaves Data/meshes/PEM/HeavyWearGreaves.nif
Gauntlets Data/meshes/PEM/HeavyWearGauntlets.nif
Boots Data/meshes/PEM/HeavyWearBoots.nif
Bow :
Cuirass Data/meshes/PEM/BowWearCuirass.nif
Greaves Data/meshes/PEM/BowWearGreaves.nif
Gauntlets Data/meshes/PEM/BowWearGauntlets.nif
Boots Data/meshes/PEM/BowWearBoots.nif
Staff :
Cuirass Data/meshes/PEM/StaffWearCuirass.nif
Greaves Data/meshes/PEM/StaffWearGreaves.nif
Gauntlets Data/meshes/PEM/StaffWearGauntlets.nif
Boots Data/meshes/PEM/StaffWearBoots.nif

A Japanese document is appended.