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I made this as a personal project for myself, but have decided to upload it, seeing as it's a fairly complete, fairly enjoyable alternative to the vanilla setup.

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Birthsigns and Races Revisited v6.1
(Here's to 10 great years making this mod the best I can)

I made this as a personal project for myself, but have decided to upload it, seeing as it's a fairly complete, fairly enjoyable alternative to the vanilla setup. On the other hand, the power balance is aimed towards an easier gameplay, but if anyone is interested in re-evaluating my setup, feel free to do so. Just know that I incorporated OBSE when making the mod, so remember to start up the Construction Set with 'obse_loader' to gain access to all the changes I have made. Additionally, I cannot vouch for the compatibility of this mod with other mods, although I'm running it with around thirty others at the moment and it's running fine. Now then. Let's discuss what's new!

The most recent version of this mod includes a large number of changes, and I am certainly looking for feedback on anything that is disliked.

You need OBSE to run this mod. -


Original Birthsigns 

- This birthsign is a curse and provides disadvantages every ~2 minutes.
- 25% chance to gain ~20 bounty.
- 50% chance of silently losing ~3% of total gold.
- 25% chance neither of these happens.

- 50% bonus magicka
- 20% weakness to magic

- 75% bonus magicka
- 20% spell absorption
- stunted magicka

- +10 willpower and endurance
- 20% resistance to fire, frost, and lightning
- fatigue regeneration (1% per 2 seconds out of combat, per 3 in combat)

- health regeneration (1% per 2 seconds out of combat, or per 3 seconds in combat)
- Blood of the North (Lesser power): regeneration (magnitude: 2% Max HP per second, duration: 40 seconds, 120 second internal cooldown).
- 20% weakness to fire

- +15 personality
- Adds a bonus to health equal to half your personality
- toggleable detect life (magnitude: 40)
- Lover's Kiss (Lesser power): Charm (magnitude 15, duration 180), shield (magnitude: 20, duration: 180), resist magic (magnitude: 20, duration: 180) on touch.
- lesser health regeneration (1% per 3 seconds out of combat, per 5 in combat)

- Adds your willpower level to your magicka

- +25 health
- lesser health regeneration (1% per 3 seconds out of combat, per 5 in combat)
- Blessed Word (Lesser power): turn undead (magnitude: 100, area: 10, duration: 20, 5 second internal cooldown)
- Divine Restoration (Lesser power): restore health (30% of missing health over 3 seconds, on you and another target. This damages for 60% of current health against the undead. Internal cooldown of 120 seconds.) 
- toggleable light (magnitude: 30)

- 70% poison resistance
- Snakes' Bite (Lesser power): paralyze (duration: 5), 60% weakness to magic, 60% weakness to normal weapons, 60% weakness to poison (all have duration: 10); soul trap (duration: 15), 120 second internal cooldown (all effects on touch)
- toggleable night eye

- +10 luck
- +25 health
- Moonshadow's Embrace (Lesser power): invisibility (duration: 20), Has three charges of use - regenerating one every 120 seconds. Only useable between 8 PM and 6 AM in-game.

- +10 speed
- +10 agility
- toggleable water walking
- +20% Carry Weight
- fatigue regeneration (1% per 2 seconds out of combat, per 3 in combat)
- 70% paralysis resistance

- +10 agility & speed
- bounty reduces by one every ( 112.5 * ( MaxBounty ^ 0.60206 ) / MaxBounty ) seconds (Where Max Bounty resets upon bounty hitting zero.) 
- This was carefully formulated to reflect the severity of the crimes as shown by the bounty. For example, a total of 10 bounty should clear in 7.5 minutes real-time, 100 in 30 minutes, 1000 in 2 hours, and 10000 in a whole 8 hours. Keep in mind this excludes time spent in menus or otherwise disengaged from the game.


- 35% resist normal weapons, 35% resist magic when below 35% health
- +25 health
- silently generates lockpicks (approximately one every 6 minutes) 
- Tower's Key (Greater power): open (magnitude: 99)

- +10 strength and endurance
- +35% resist paralysis
- Adds a bonus to health equal to half your strength


Original Races

- Uses the same visual model as the Imperial race.
- This race has no benefits, including skill bonuses. Attributes are set to 40 across the board.

- water breathing
- 50% resist poison and disease
- toggle: invisibility (drains magicka per second, increasing every 7.5 seconds for a maximum time of 30 seconds. The magicka per second increments are 2, 4, 8, and 16. Afterwards, applies 5 seconds of silence for every 10 seconds used, up to a maximum of 20 seconds.)

- 20% resist magic
- +35 magicka
- Dragon Skin (Lesser power): (shield (magnitude: 15), -15 intelligence and willpower, -35 magicka, +15 strength and agility while active)

Dark Elf:
- 35% resist fire
- +20 magicka
- Dark Fire (Spell): On-Target spell, does up to 30% of enemy max health in damage, scaling with the percent of health the PC is missing. Costs 20 magicka (e.g. at 50% PC health this will be roughly 15% max hp damage)
- When under 35% health, the Dark Elf gains 35% fire resistance, +10 blade, +10 marksman, and lesser health regeneration.

High Elf:
- +50 magicka
- 35% resist disease
- 20% weakness to fire, frost, and lightning
- lesser power: power surge (duration: 10, magnitude: 175 (restore mana); afterwards, silence for 180 seconds)

- +10% Carry Weight
- lesser fatigue regeneration (1% per 3 seconds out of combat, per 5 in combat)
- Voice of the Emperor (Lesser power): charm (magnitude: 15, duration: 20)
- Star of the West (Lesser power): command humanoid (magnitude: 100, duration: 3 minutes, 5 minute internal cooldown)

- health regeneration (1% per 2 seconds out of combat, per 3 in combat)
- claws (double maximum hand to hand damage; 39 damage at maximum capabilities)
- toggleable night-eye
- lesser power: demoralize on target (duration: 40 seconds, 90 second internal cooldown.)

- 35% resist frost
- 35% resist paralysis
- frost shield (while blocking, 0.7 second window of 20% reflect damage)

- 20% resist magic
- Berserk (Lesser power): +20 strength, blade, blunt, hand to hand; 70% resist paralysis, restore fatigue (magnitude: 35), 20% shield (duration: 10; 190 second internal cooldown; -10 Strength after 10 seconds until the end of cooldown)

- 35% resist disease and poison
- Adrenaline Rush (Lesser power): +10 strength, agility, blade, blunt, hand to hand, marksman; 35% resist paralysis; restore fatigue (magnitude: 35); when blocking, 1.5 second window for 35% reflect damage (duration: 20; 200 second internal cooldown)

Wood Elf:
- 70% disease resistance
- +25 health
- Beast Tongue (Lesser power): command creature (magnitude: 100, duration: 180 seconds, 300 second internal cooldown)
- Camouflage (Ability): While at full health, gain Fortify Sneak (magnitude: 10) and Fortify Speed (magnitude: 10)

If any of you notice any bugs, feel free to bring them to my attention so I can fix it / look into a solution. Thanks!

Currently known problems:
- The Breton runs into issues with the Mage birthsign; just apply and remove Dragon Skin, and the issue should be resolved.

Update Log
v1.0 - Original Release.
v1.1 - Had forgotten to change birthsign descriptions to match the gameplay changes.
v1.2 - Ran into problems with Magicka Regeneration; replaced it with a layered Willpower passive ability.
v1.3 - Found wierd bugs with the layered Willpower passive; Regulated Willpower to deal with the problem.
v1.4 - After running first playtest, made changes to the lord, ritual, steed and shadow, as well as the nord, imperial, khajiit, and redguard.
v1.5 - I have found and fixed a bug regarding the Nord's Frost Shield. Now only the Nord gets a frost shield.
v1.6 - Fixed a ton of typos in the birthsign descriptions, changed Nord's frost shield to reflect damage, revamped the Lover, Mage, Shadow, and Steed birthsigns. 
v1.7 - Re-did the Argonian invisibility to have less of a mechanical feel.
v1.8 - Rebalances on the Mage, Apprentice, Atronach, and Shadow birthsigns as well as buffs to Serpent and Tower.
v1.9 - Made the mage birthsign less boring, and fixed an error in the serpent birthsign.
v2.0 - Made some small but necessary edits to the way the moonshadow functions.
v2.1 - Fixed a bug with the Mage birthsign and resized the Ritual light size.
v2.2 Buffed 'Turn Undead', Buffed 'Fatigue Regeneration', Buffed 'Fade Away', Replaced all attribute debuffs with silences, Increased time range for Nordic Frost and Power Bash (of Adrenaline Rush), Buffs to 'Adrenaline Rush' and 'Berserk', readjustments to 'Power Surge'
v2.3 Bug fix to the Mage birthsign.
v2.4 Changes to Star of the West, Beast Tongue, and Ancestral Guardian; Buff to the Apprentice.
v2.5 Changed the silences on the Serpent, Ritual, Orc, and Redguard into internal cooldowns.
v2.6 Changed all scripts to use getself, so now NPCs can use birthsigns without weird side-effects.
v2.7 Updated NPC's that use birthsigns with their respective birthsign updates.
v2.8 Made Wood Elf's Beast Tongue and Imperial's Star of the West more utile.
v2.9 Small power boost to Apprentice birthsign.
v3.0 Too many changes; just check the readme.
v3.1 Health regen wasn't working as well as intended.
v3.2 Fixed typo in Apprentice birthsign, made all text fit.
v3.3 Revamped the Dark Elf; couldn't get the leveled spell list on Ancestral Guardian to work.
v3.4 Rescaled Fade Away's mana cost, made Eye of Night a toggle, as it wasn't previously (oops), and changed the Steed's water walking to a toggle.
v3.5 Buffed lover, serpent, and nord; nerfed lord.
v3.9 Changes to Serpent and Steed Birthsigns, Imperial Race (Feather is super buggy on abilities). Apprentice and Atronach updated to a scripted magicka bonus.
v4.0 Changes to the Imperial and Wood Elf Race, and the Shadow, Thief, and Tower birthsigns. Rewrote certain race and birthsign descriptions. Added the Void and the Unworthy as a more convenient means to combat a bug with the Imperial race, as well as add the option for a more challenging experience.
v5.1 Removed message spam from Nord 'Frost Shield', Redguard 'Adrenaline Rush', Dark Elf 'Ancestral Bond', & Wood Elf 'Swift Silence'. Also did some streamlining of the Moonshadow's Embrace background script, and actually updated text descriptions to be accurate.
v5.2 Rebalance of Tower Birthsign.
v5.3 Removed unnecessary NPC changes.
v6.0 Redguard Power Bash bug fixed, Tower 'Open' magnitude set to 99.
v6.1 Script updates to (hopefully) subdue some bugs

Special Thanks to:
-  Tiaten, for their Health Regeneration Script.
-  Mercer Meka, Zazzzy, and MajorKirrahe89 for various contributions to the improvement of the project.
-  All of the Construction set guides and appendices for reference.