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English written here is the one that all machines were translated.
The video is preparatory, and look at that, please when you do not understand the meaning though it is silent.
I think that the outline is understood.

It came to be able to change the message which it uses in version 1.80, but it is a premise that it can display the language in Oblivion which you use.
Even if you define it by the language that Oblivion cannot display, it is not displayed definitely.
It must not use a comma during words of language definition file (PEM_ChangeModLang.log).
When I extract words, I use a comma as a delimiter.

This MOD changes the hairstyle, the hair color, and eyes of NPC and the player.
However, because the content of the change returns to the origin when the game starts, it is necessary to use an automatic re-setting up function of the option for usual NPC other than the clone.
When magic is used for NPC that changes, the menu is displayed.
Please change to the content for which it hopes because the menu is selected.
As for the item displayed in the menu, the item that can be used in the race of the NPC is displayed.
NPC to which it is witched is compulsorily fixed near Player.
It is recommended to change to the aspect of the first person to understand the content of the change clearly.
The function to set again automatically is added.
It came to return to the state always changed if NPC other than Clone-NPC used the novel function.
Conscribe of Plugin is indispensable to use the novel function.
The usage of the novel function is attached as the document and read, please.
Magic to which the hairstyle and eyes of player are changed is added.
Because the one's double of player shows up to the presence, the content of the change can be decided while confirming it.
The change to player returns to the main menu after it saves and is not reflected until reload.

The method of the repeated automatic setting when the change to usual NPC restarts playing a game is described.

1.It is necessary to have introduced Conscribe that is Plugin of OBSE as the precondition.
2.This magic is used for changed NPC.
3.The change such as hairstyles and regarding is added.
4.If all changes are over, you choose a "record".
5.Work from 2 to 4 is repeated for necessary NPC.
6.The flag in the automatic setting that exists in DatainiPEM_ChangeMod.ini is made effective. Concretely
It is described as set zzzPEMchangeMagicQuest.autochange to 1.
7.If the game is reactivated, the content of the change is automatically set again.

The procedure when my hairstyle and eyes are changed is described.

1.Magic for Player is used.
2.Own copy appears to the presence after it does for a while when magic is used.
3.It makes a change to this NPC.
4.The copy of the end of magic after it changes disappears.

The content of the change is automatically applied to the player immediately before the clone disappears.
At this time, the aspect automatically changes into the third person, and the content of the change is not applied if not changing.
In that case, please try to witch again or switch to the console screen and input the following command.


There is a possibility that the problem occurs because all the properties are temporarily copied when making a change to me.
Doing without anything is the safest method to walk around a problem.
Very a lot of hairstyles and eyes are registered according to the race, and there is frequently what to it takes time to search out the target one from among that.
To reduce the load, the sample of MOD that defined the race who referred to the hairstyle and its eyes was prepared.
A Japanese document is appended.

How to use PEM_ChangeMod
Expository writing is written in English and Japanese.
The English text was translated by machine.