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Colourwheels LOD Project part01
by Colourwheel

* Description:
No description other than this drasticly improves FPS with any current VWD mods that currently exist. If anyone wishes to challenge my work, these meshes were dirrectly taken from the oblivion BSA and have been magicly touched by me to improve FPS.

-initial release

-forgot to dirrect almost half of the meshes to use lowres textures lol

-TES4LODGen (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15781) - needed to generate the distant view information.

Recommended mods to use with this one...
-Optimised Distant Land MAX to increase your FPS in Tamriel world.
-Oblivion Stutter Remover to smooth game play when FPS gets lowered


1. Extract files into your Oblivion data folder (be sure to follow Files paths correctly)
2. Run TES4LODGen
3. Play game!

*Conflicts & glitches:
-conflicts with any other VWD project meshes

*future work for this project
-not saying

*if you like my work try some of my other mods out for your game?

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*credits to...
-Bethesda Softworks
-Brumbek for his Texture resorces
-Arthmoor for giving me the idea

Please do not upload this file anywhere without permission. If you wish to use these resorces for you own project you must have permission from me 1st.

**Thankyou and enjoy**