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This is an extensive \"museum\" addition to Arborwatch in Chorrol. Essentially you have a nearly endless amount of storage space in a variety of rooms based on themes. Themes include: Ayleid/Elven, Dwemer, Daedric, General Armory, Armory of Cyrodiil (specific to the cities), Deadly Arts (assassins, necromancers, thieves, vampires, etc), Morrowind

Permissions and credits
************************This Mod is BETA*****************************
****** Version 2.0: Missing Dwemer Meshes Restored ***********

There are many, many museum & display room mods but they were either gargantuan or too small and few offered any true museum-like organizational structure. Yes, I'm completely anal about displaying my loot. I set out to create a more structured and categorized museum / display structure based on the types of loot one acquires throughout the course of a heavily modded game.

The main entryway to the museum is inside of your home in Chorrol, Arborwatch. The doorway is at the top of the first flight of stairs.Once inside the 'lobby' you will find a large hall flanked by a plethora of doors. Some have related theme rooms inside of them.

The full list:

Museum of Magic
- Museum of Magical Items
Department of Ayleid & Elven Studies
- Contains a room for The Lost Spires mod
Deadly Arts Museum
- Hall of Necromancers & the Undead
- Department of Assassins & Thieves
- Department of Vampiric Studies
Daedric Museum
Dwemer Museum (three subrooms due to high poly count of the room meshes)
Department of Dragon Studies
Museum of Flora & Fauna (has a second floor)
The Artifacts of Morrowind
- Artifacts of Solsteim
The Geology Museum
The Shivering Isles Museum
The Artifacts of Tamriel
The Glass Armory
The Shield Armory
The General Arms & Armory Museum
-The General Arms & Armory II
The Armory of Cyrodiil
- The Blades Museum (for Reclaiming Sancre Tor mod)
- The Hall of Villains & Heroes
The Vault

Nearly all (but NOT all) rooms have basements. ?? My game has an annoying issue with random items falling through the floor. Some from the base game, some from mods & occasionally if I put a problem item in storage & pull it out again that will fix it. After loosing too many cool items, this was my fix. If an item falls through the floor (or through a display but is inaccessible), it will land, eventually, in the basement. Sometimes this is immediate, other times it takes several real world days. No, the UOP did not fix this for me.

New Items: Scattered throughout the shops in the main cities of Cyrodiil are a bunch of new items to help you fill your museum. These include an Ayleid alchemy set, scales/weights/hourglasses in several material types, a host of new gems and crystal balls, a dragon egg, a celestial zodiac stand, "false unicorn horn", a replica of the Elder Scroll stolen during the TG heist & a few staffs & shields from the CUO that weren't in my game from any mod.


Shivering Isles DLC
Orrery DLC
Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack (CURP) (by Giskard http://www.theengineeringguild.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=25&Itemid=129)
Dragon Captions Resource Pack (DCRP) which includes the CURP: http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=24279
******A Mannequin Mod of Your choice (see readme for important details)*******

The readme includes a complete list of recommended mods. Without some of those mods, some of the rooms in this mod will make no sense or be weirdly large.

Conflicts: None that I know of except if you have a mod that adds a door in the same place in Arborwatch.

If you find any errors, please let me know!