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Adds a sprint button (left alt) to Oblivion, like in Skyrim! Requires OBSE 20b or higher.

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Requires OBSE 20b or higher!

This mod adds a small feature to the game that I think makes the game not as fun without. This adds the sprinting button from Skyrim and buts into Oblivion, of course, none of the files used were from Skyrim. I made the sprinting noises, sorry if you don't like them XD.
When you hold down the left alt key, you will start sprinting. Your fatigue will drain until you run out of fatigue, then you will fall down unconsious. So don't go sprinting your fatigue away in combat, it will hurt you more.

1.03- Removed that horrendous (albeit comedic) sprinting sound. Implemented Gallion's suggestion which works nicely with any changes to the Speed or Athletics stats during sprinting.
1.02-makes your speed increase be based on your speed and your athletics. Makes it so that your fatigue is based on your encumbrance.
1.01- adds an item. Use it to choose your menu, or you can't sprint. The alt button doesn't want to work when you change directions as it makes a lot of beeping sounds, not good.

Bethesda for Oblivion, letting us add on to this wonderful game, and for making Skyrim, which gave me the idea to make this mod.

If you want to use this mod for your own mod or as a learning oppurtunity, feel free, just so long as you credit me as the original author and you notify me so that I can check it out. Trust me, I would want to.
You can upload this to other sites, just credit me as the author.
If you feel unsure about anything, PM me here at the TESNexus site.

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