Crime and Guard Overhaul with Regional AND Provincial bounty by PrettyMurky
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Added: 23/01/2012 - 02:48AM
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Name: Crime Handler with Regional and Provincial Bounty
Version: 1.0
Date: 23/01/12
Requirements: Real-Time Interactions (1.13 or greater)
Author: PrettyMurky

This mod provides regional and provincial bounties, designed with such mods as Deserts of Aquinas and Valenwood Improved in mind.
It also attempts to take the best features from such excellent mods as Reneer's Guard Overhaul, making use of developments in OBSE to vastly improve efficiency. As well as adding in a number of new features.

REGIONAL & PROVINCIAL BOUNTY: Each of Cyrodil's towns now has its own bounty, with a separate bounty for the wilderness. New provinces, such as Elsweyr and Valenwood, can be added via 'data\ini\RTIPlugins\pmRealTimeInteractions.ini' (more details provided there). This includes mods that add new provinces in their own worldspace as well.
When your bounty for a town reaches 5000, or a total of 12000 across the province*, you'll become wanted region-wide and all the bounties for that province will combine and remain that way until you get rid of the bounty in some way. The Thieves Guild Doyen will let you pay off bounties for the different towns in Cyrodil; this is accessed through RTI's 'Engage' option.

CRIMES HAVE WITNESSES: If you commit a crime, then either kill, persuade, or bully all the witnesses before they have a chance to report the crime, then the bounty is removed. The options for this (other than killing, which is obvious...) are accessed via RTI's 'Engage' options. If you select the option with your weapon sheathed, they will respond whether they will inform the guards, mostly based upon disposition and responsibility; if you have your weapon or fists raised, they will ask if you are threatening them, at this point you can attack them, and if you get their health low enough, based on the crime and NPC (in some situations they will never yield), they will stop combat and inform you that they will wont report you to the guards.

CRIMES FORGOTTEN OVER TIME: If enough time goes by, a crime's bounty will be removed. The time limit depends on the crime*.

- Hearing distance reduced - Guards no longer have the BatMan-like power to know whenever a crime is going on somewhere in their city. Guard hearing disance reduced from 4000 to 1200*.
- Guards attack if you run from arrest. When you commit a crime, and a guard hears the alarm; if you are fleeing the crime, they will open combat.
- Guards 'always arrest when over 500 bounty' behaviour tweaked - In vanilla, if you have over 500* bounty any guard in the area will run and try to arrest you, even if you are totally hidden or invisible. Now they have to actually see you.
- Attacked Guards attacks straight back - If you attack a guard, they won't bother trying to arrest you, and will instead enter into combat directly. Other guards will only join in if they see.
- Guards follow you sneaking - If you are in a city, and a guard sees you sneaking around, they will follow you until you stop or you lose them.
- Disposition loss for 'friendly guard' getting you out of trouble - When your bounty is less than 1000, and you talk to a guard who likes you enough, they will get rid of your bounty for you. Now there is also a small disposition loss, based on the size of the bounty.

*these values can be customised in 'data\ini\RTIPlugins\pmCrimeHandler.ini'

Install & Uninstall
Copy the files into your Oblivion/Data folder. To uninstall, simply delete them.

Other mods that affect bounty or same aspects of guard behavior handled here will probably clash; everything else should be fine. If you find any issues, please leave a comment or message me, and I will try to deal with it.

If you want to do anything with this mod. Message me and let me know. If you don't hear anything back within a month, go for it.