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Deep in Piukanda's deepest reaches lies Tamriel's largest treasure: Ragnarok's Armory. So much lies here that a score of men would take days to haul it away. All the riches imaginable. Only one thing stops you: the ancient guardian... Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is the most massive Daedroth in existence, the size of three hundred men with the strength of four hundred and the brains of two. To get to the treasure, you must first get past the guardian... the most fearsome beast on Tamriel's surface. Gaze in awe and fear as a creature the size of a house comes to pound you dead.

Succeed, and reap the glory. Fail, and just reload your save.

Among the treasures are the Dragonclaw Artifacts, a group of four items of incredible value and splendor: Nvrashi, Dragonspyre, Void, and Darkness.

Nvrashi is a dark magic robe spun in blackened fires in the land of the Black Marsh, blessed by Sithis and cursed by the stars.

Dragonspyre is an amulet that defies any spell or blade entry, so the legend goes.,,

Void and Darkness are the swords of Sithis himself, used to silence and smother the innocent in the cold, icy night.



Simply merge the data folder with yours in Program files (x86)/Games/Oblivion, and put the esp in the Oblivion folder. It should work. Should.


Have fun, and do comment on any problems you might have. My computer was being mean to me while making this...

Oh, and good luck with slaying Ragnarok. You'll need all the luck you can get.