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A small collection of BCF\'s for mods. Initially only for DarUI Persuasion Gizmo and Slof\'s Dremora skin. With Bash\'s new capability to read embedded BCF\'s, I would encourage mod authors to add available BCF\'s to their mod packages.

Permissions and credits
BAIN Conversion Files, or BCF's, are used by Wrye Bash ( convert archives into BAIN ready archives. If you are familiar with OBMM, you can think of the BCF as OMOD conversion data for BAIN.

Many mods are available as OMODs, OMOD ready, or plain manual packages. Mods that I use that I convert to use Wizards or repackage for personal use in a more BAIN friendly way will get their BCF's uploaded here. They will require downloading the original mods as well as the BCF from here.

Currently available:
DarkUI Persuasion Gizmo (Original mod) -- Provides a wizard and easily selected subpackages.
Slof's seamless male dremora skin v5 (available at Wolflore) -- rearranges files/folders into a useable package.