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Last updated at 20:24, 9 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 23:57, 12 Jan 2012

Ruined Tail's Tale by Simyaz is one of the greatest and most popular quest mods for Oblivion.
Its original tesnexus page can be found here.
However, it comes with a number of unresolved issues or mod conflicts that can break the quest for some people.

This unofficial patch tries to fix/bypass a specific quest-breaking issue in Ruined Tail's Tale, which occurs in some games around a certain quest stage (115) and - if it is affecting your game - will show itself by one or more of the following effects:

  • When standing outside the ShadowSeekers' Headquarter in Cheydinhal, the ShadowSeekers won't start leaving for the Shadowscale Stronghold.
  • During travelling to the Stronghold, the ShadowSeekers tend to get lost and never arrive at the expected destination.
  • When arriving at the Stronghold's entrance, Twilight won't do anything except for standing around.

This issue has been reported repeatedly by various people, and I've tried for months to find a known solution to it - without success. I contacted Simyaz, the author of RTT, but never got a reply.
According to my understanding of the credits/copyright section in Simyaz' Readme, he'd allow to publish such a patch, so I finally decided to do so, hoping that he or anybody else won't mind my doing.

This patch doesn't claim that there's any "bug" in RTT, and neither in Better Cities. It's just a pragmatic workaround for an unresolved problem, in order to help others to continue with the quest.

It has been a horribly complicated task to analyze what's going wrong with RTT in some situations, and some issues have never become really clear to me. So there is NO GUARANTEE AT ALL that it will work in your game! Consider creating backups of your savegames before using it (as it should go without saying for any new mod)!

Credits go to Simyaz in the first place, and also to Vorians from the Better Cities team for helping me with investigating the issue. I encourage everybody to endorse both mods, and give both users Kudos, but feel free to also endorse this patch, if you like to.

What does it do?
The patch overrides some parts of the original script code that are responsible for detecting when certain conditions for proceeding the quest are fulfilled.
In addition, it adds a spell that can be used to summon the ShadowSeekers, which will bring them back to assemble next to you whenever they may have gone astray during their journey.

The patch comes as a separate esp that needs to be installed and activated. Once the patch has been applied and played through successfully, it can be uninstalled to free up the additional plugin slot.

There are two versions:
- One default esp for the vanilla game, located in subfolder "00 Default"
- One alternative esp for use in combination with Better Cities, located in subfolder "01 Better Cities"
Use only one of both!

- OBSE 20 or higher (do not use any lower version, this may cause failures).
- RTT.esp (latest version 3.0.1!) must be installed and active.
- For the default version, nothing else is required.
- For the Better Cities version, both Better Cities and the BC patch for RTT (Better Cities - Ruined Tail's Tale.esp) must be installed and active.

The archive is BAIN-friendly, but it can also be installed manually. Please refer to the included Readme.

How to run the patch?
You will find a book in your inventory that explains all the details. They're also described in the readme (they're quite complex).

I hope that this will be helpful for others!
Have fun!

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