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15 new objects for ayleid-lovers

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There are very interesting ayleied house-mods here on Tes-Nexus, but all these brilliant mods have the same issue...
To less containers and displays, that fit the ayleid-style, so the modders must use the wooden objekts, what looks very terrible, in my opinion.
A few modders have retextured the upperclassdisplay, but hey, its the upperclassdisplay with a stone texture...

So i have spend a few hours and bang, here you have 9 animated and 7 static new chests, 5 animated displays, 1 animated sarcophagus and one static sarcophagus with separated lid.

There are 2 esp comming with this download, the first adds only the new objects to the cs, the second adds the new stuff to Belda for a quick overview.

No cause, gladly done :)