Aetheric Cuteblade by CuteUnit and Talkie Toaster
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Added: 13/12/2011 - 03:57PM
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Last updated at 22:23, 1 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 15:57, 13 Dec 2011

Requires OBSE

The Aetheric Cuteblade mod adds a new NPC, Parlin Durban, waiting in the Imperial City Market District at the Merchant's Inn with a quest for anyone willing to help him reach the ancient Ayleid City of Stars. Help him out, and you'll find a tidy reward at the end...

I'll let CuteUnit's work do the speaking, I think.

This is a very delayed first quest mod designed to showcase CuteUnit's CuteBlade, and is basically a series of scripted setpieces strung together with twine to provide a way for you to get the incredible Cuteblade/Aetheric Blade- an ancient Ayleid Artefact of fancy design (as you have already seen) and quite nice power. To get it you'll have to complete an ancient Ayleid ritual stopped by the slave rebellions milennia ago, battle strange creatures of darkness, stop profane rituals, and even take on the aspect of the shadows themselves.

The Cuteblade autodetects whether you want to use it 1 or 2-handed, pours magickal energies out in an explosive blast when ignited, increasing magicka regen all around, and sears your foes into naught but skeletons. Get your today!