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The Pilgrim's Progress Mod follows the basic plot of the first part of the book "Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan".

Permissions and credits

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Pilgrim's Progress Mod
Author: Shemoel
Work Begun: May 1, 2011
Release: December 4, 2011

Requires Official Oblivion Patch 1.2.404
& Shivering Isles Expansion

This is not a lore-friendly mod.
The Pilgrim's Progress Mod adds a new quest line to Oblivion, with several new NPC races including Messengers, and Shining Ones. The Characters in this mod have both voices and lip movement.
The Pilgrim's Progress Mod follows the basic plot of the first part of the book "Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan".
I am also including the non-copyrighted original first part of "The Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan" in a Microsoft Word .doc file, in case anyone would like to read it.
Known Bugs:
See in Instillation. The presence of Angels may lag your game. Please comment if you find any more.
1. Extract files from the ZIP.
Pilgrim's Progress.esp
Pilgrim's Progress.bsa
2. Then transfer files to your Oblivion\Data folder.
[If you want the loading screen add the “load_in_game_default.dds” to your Oblivion\Data\Textures\menus\Loading folder. For some reason it doesn’t work from the “Pilgrim's Progress.bsa” file.]
[If you want to hear John 1, Psalm 23 & Psalm 91 read in the Shepherd’s House, you’ll have to put the “music” file into your Oblivion\Data folder. For some reason it doesn’t work from the “Pilgrim's Progress.bsa” file. And in game you will have to pic up Psalm 91 and then drop it before it will read, couldn’t figure out how to do the code otherwise. ]
3. Activate "Pilgrim's Progress.esp" file under Data Files, in the Oblivion Launcher, and Play.


Start a fresh game and examine the floor of the cell carefully for a Key.
There is a new prisoner in one of the other cells. The Key will open both your cell and his.
After collecting the Pilgrim's Progress Quest use the Key to exit through the Imperial Prison.
(I built this feature for those who don't want to start off playing the main quest line.
And don't worry about Birthsign and Class, I have made it so you can change them at the Door at the top of the stares just like at the Sewer Exit).
Change your Class to “Pilgrim mod” and your Birthsign to “Warrior”, to get the most out of this mod.
If you look at your Quest log after you exit the Imperial Prison, you should be able to Fast Travel to the “Way of Light”, and talk with “Evangelist”.
Thus begins your quest.

Tools Used
TES Construction Set - http://www.theelderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_utilities.htm
Photoshop CS3 - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
BSA Commander - http://letalka.sourceforge.net/morr/index.htm
NIFSkope - http://www.niftools.org

Thanks to:
The LORD JESUS CHRIST who saved me and made it possible for me to get all these tools and talents for FREE. To HIM be all Glory and Honor and Praise.
The Bethesda team for creating Oblivion, and the TES Construction Set. You guys make the best Role Playing Games EVER.
FLETH for giving me Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 1.2.404.
My neighbor JOHN for digging an old copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion out of a dumpster for me. Thanks to whoever kept it in good shape, and then threw it away. Without this I couldn't have done LIP files, as the new TES Construction Set will not generate LIP files. (I don't think that I will go to the hassle next time though).
BART for encouragement.
Those who's mods contributed to this mod:
'Lord Banewrath Sunblade' for designing the "Elite Steel Swords", from which I made the Sword of the Spirit, and Michael's Claymore. Textures are modded by me.
'Jerros' and 'Conan_Lon' who designed the "Lost Paladins of the Divines" mod from which I used a beard for John Bunyan, The Shepherd and The Valiant Man. (Note: Don't wake Bunyan from his Dream, or the mod will evaporate. NO, I'M JUST KIDDING.)
'Someone1074' who designed the "Capes and Cloaks" mod from which I made 3 capes.
'Nequam' who designed the "Elaborate Eyes (1.1)" mod from which I made the "Shining Ones" eyes.
I have also included the human part of the "Better hair, face and body" mod by "slipcio", (though I’m not sure if it shows up or not in the mod).
Angel wings are from the "Angel and Seraphim Wings" Mod by "Bob666".
Apollyon's wings are re-textured from the Imp wings, by 'Nosvertu' in his 'Nosvertu's Wearable Daemer Wings 1.1' mod.
The mesh for black robe used by “Legality” in the “Way of Death” is a nazgul robe that I got from the “Mannimarco Resurrection: Light and Dark 2.0” mod.
The mesh for “Evangelist's” robe is from the “Classic Witcher” mod.

Audio credit:
Audio for books - http://www.audiotreasure.com/indexKJV.htm
Family and friends voices for John Bunyan, Messenger Race, the Imperials, Shining Ones Races, and Nords.


Delete the following files:
Pilgrim's Progress.esp
Pilgrim's Progress.bsa


You may use any part of this mod which I have created in your mod, without asking my permission, except for the Voice/Pilgrim's Progress.esp & Music/Special(1John, Psalm23 & Psalm91) files and the Painting Textures(GoodShepherdpic.dds, Interpreterspic.dds & Shepherdpic.dds), (THOSE YOU MAY NOT POST IN YOUR MOD. MAKE YOUR OWN AUDIO FILES AND PICTURE FILES FOR YOUR OWN MOD, IT ISN’T THAT HARD). If you would like to continue this mod feel free to do so. It ended up being a much bigger project than I had originally intended. I only ask, that if you do release it, that you link to the original, stay as true to the original book as you can, and send me a link so that I can enjoy your mod too.

Use At Your Own Risk: This data is being given to you gratuitously, and I do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for your use of it.


If you like this mod, contact me and let me know. Your ideas and constructive criticism are coveted. If I get contacted, I might release some more mods, (May-be for Skyrim next time), depending on how busy I get with other things.
Contact me at: [email protected]
I'll try to get back with you via email as quickly as I can, but I don't have time to be on blogs or message boards.
Thanks for reading. God Bless.