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Sutch Village

As many are aware, Bethesda once had plans to include the city of Sutch in the game. The E3 demos contained passing hints to its existence, the map loop in the game's intro had it marked NW of Kvatch, in the CS you can make out the land depression they prepared for it along with several cells tagged as being part of it, and it even has its own Oblivion gate.

For reasons unknown, it was cut from the game at the last minute and a ruined Fort Sutch plus the Oblivion gate is all that remains. As a result of this, several people have attempted reconstructions of the city. Plenty of projects have been abandoned, while others left their work for someone else to pick up.

This village mod is our take on restoring Sutch to the game. Based on extremely sketchy lore found in scattered places on the web, we arrived at the conclusion that the city itself has been destroyed and only a ruin is left behind. Rather than attempt to rebuild a large city over the top of a ruin, this mod takes the position that settlers have only recently come back to the area in an attempt to start over. There is a village northwest of Fort Sutch, containing a manor house along with some housing, an inn, some supporting farms, a vineyard, and an ebony mine. Yes, the only one known to still be functioning in Cyrodiil. The stuff can't only be available in Morrowind :)


Sutch Village features a lengthy quest to aid the mayor in an effort to reconstruct the old fort. Help out, and watch the crew you hired demolish the old fort, chop wood, and then reap the rewards of your gesture. Or ignore the mayor's request and laugh as it takes him much longer to get the job done.

Acquire a luxurious manor, along with ownership rights to the local vineyard and the option to sell your product for a weekly profit.

Visit the outdoor shrine of Kynareth, goddess of nature.

Feel like visiting the seedier side of life? Drop in for a visit to Oyster Bay. Chat with the pirates. Play a game of dice. Fence your hard won stolen loot without the Thieves Guild looking over your shoulder. Plus a special surprise resident.


Oblivion Nexus :
AFK Mods :
TES Alliance :
Dark Creations :
Great House Fliggerty :
The Assimilation Lab :

Installation Requirements

Official Oblivion patch version 1.2.406.
OBSE 0020 or greater. (


Manually: Unpack everything into your Oblivion\Data directory.

BAIN use is recommended for automatic install.

If you use RAEVWD and want the new buildings to show up VWD, run TES4LODGen.


Manually: Remove all files this archive contains from your Data folder.

Or uninstall via BAIN. Seriously, this will be the best way to go since manual removal may end up removing files other mods use too.


Major landmarks in the area, including Fort Sutch and Malacath's Shrine, should be entirely compatible. Any vanilla quests associated with them are intact.

A patch will be required for Unique Landscapes: Lost Coast.

A patch will be required for Hammerfell's border crossings plugin.

This mod is NOT compatible with other mods that restore the missing city of Sutch to the area as they all use the same space.
Patches for these mods will not be provided. Sometimes you simply need to choose one over another.

Known Issues

None so far!


Kevin King - The King Things Petrock font used for the road signs. (
Mr. Siika - Farm animals, cog vessel, siege weapons, bloomery. ( ( ( (
Hellbourne - Store counters and weapon rack in the blacksmith shop.
DaMage - Mine Rails resource used for the ebony mine. (
Dwip - Garden path meshes at the manor. (
Spoons aka Trizt - Gallows model. (
MEO - Static meal plates, fort renovation mesh, wine cellars, series book sets, open books, fireplaces, wall maps. ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Momo - Fishery resources. (
AlbitheReal and the "Sieben SŁnden Mods Team" - Tree Stump Resource. (
InsanitySorrow - Coloured Candles Resource. (
Xiamara - Sofa and chair set. (
Vacuity - VaPER Falling Leaves. (

Licensing and Legal

Redistribution is strictly forbidden without prior consent. This means do not upload it anywhere unless you have obtained permission from myself AND Hanaisse. This includes (but not limited to) any of the many new unique resources and textures made by Hanaisse.

Non-English translation versions may be uploaded without permission on the following conditions:

1. All mod files contained in this archive are retained with their current names.
2. No alterations are made to the contents of the plugins or master file other than those necessary to translate the English text.
3. No alterations or additions are made to the meshes and textures other than those necessary to translate English text.
4. This readme is included, in ENGLISH, exactly as it is written in the version it was downloaded with.

Compatibility Patches may be distributed ONLY under the following conditions:

1. Permission must be obtained from me in advance. There will be no exceptions to this.
2. The documentation for the patch must mention that I am the creator of this mod.
3. The documentation for the patch must contain a link back to one of the download sites listed at the top of this readme.
4. You are solely responsible for any support issues arising from the use of the compatibility patch.

All inquiries regarding this mod must be directed to myself or Hanaisse. If after 1 year contact cannot be established or you have not received a response, stewardship of this mod will fall to the community at AFK Mods ( I can be contacted via PM at Bethesda Game Studios Forums, TES Alliance, TES Nexus, Great House Fliggerty, Dark Creations, and AFK Mods under the username Arthmoor. I can also be contacted via my blog at using the contact form there. A good faith effort must be made before assuming that contact cannot be established before concluding that we are no longer maintaining this mod.

Though this mod has been released under the banner of the Arthmoor's Villages project, it is a joint work between myself and Hanaisse and as such, efforts to contact both of us must be exhausted fully before this mod can be assumed to be abandoned. She maintains a regular presence at the Bethesda Game Studios Forums, TES Alliance, and AFK Mods.

Mod history archives such as Morrowind Mod History are permitted to keep a copy of this mod within their archives for historical purposes provided all authorship and credit information is retained.

Version History

Version 1.0.4

* Added road sign support for Roads of Cyrodiil.
* Fixed a bug in the Winery quest where the shipments would never come due. ( We of course wonder how this has gone so long without being noticed )
* Fixed a bug where late shipments would not be cleared properly if the wine bottles had been placed in the store chest.

Version 1.0.3

* Added notifications of when the winery profits are ready if you hired Gill to handle the shipments.
* Gill was not being paid! You're lucky he hasn't gone on strike.
* Added the Gottshaw painting to the Silver Star Inn.

Version 1.0.2

* Rumors were being used by the Dark Brotherhood, who would certainly not care (especially Lucien LaChance).
* Avena and Gill at the Silver Star Manor did not have their merchant chests hooked up properly.
* The priestess of Kynareth will now properly sell spells to everyone rather than just new characters.

Version 1.0.1

* The mesh for the Silver Star Inn had incorrect AWLS compatibility data.
* The mesh for the Damned Wolf also had incorrect AWLS compatibility data.
* The mesh for the Silver Star Manor had upside down windows.
* The _far.nif for the manor needed a refresh once the windows on the manor mesh were fixed.
* A floating tree was spotted along the canyon road to the coast.
* An AI oddity with the Old Pirate caused him to wander into the water where he didn't belong.
* The Damned Wolf's voyage did not unlink the path grids, which would cause lots of residents to decide to go for a swim.
* The Kynareth shrine could not target the player with the spell.
* The Kynareth priestess was not able to sell spells.
* Bed use was not being set up properly when paying for the room at either inn.
* The Razor's Edge sign was too close to the building and was causing it to get jammed at an angle.
* Removed unnecessary alpha information from a few textures.
* Dates on the two clutter maps have been corrected to reflect 3rd era instead of 4th.

Version 1.0

* Initial public release.