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A not very widely known feature from Morrowind is brought back to Oblivion, more or less: Elemental shield effects will now damage attackers, both you and NPCs, and they may no longer provide an armor rating bonus. Plus, options for elemental shields to actually have a chance to SHIELD completely from elements!

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Morrowind Elemental Shields

with credit to Strategy Master

As you might know, the standard Shield magic effect is useless next to the Fire, Frost and Shock versions, given that all four of them provide an armor rating bonus equal to the effect's magnitude, but the elemental effects add an elemental resistance on top of that!
Back in Morrowind, things made a little more sense, with the standard Shield effect being the only one which provided armor rating, and the others providing elemental resistance and a cool enough feature: they caused elemental damage to enemies near the caster when they attacked him.

With this mod, that feature is brought back, to the best of my knowledge and abilities: for both you and any NPCs, when receiving an attack at a near enough distance and with any elemental shield magic item active, the attacker will be damaged by the shield in accordance to the shields' magnitude and the target's elemental resistance.
There's also a new feature, which gives elemental shields a chance to completely negate an incoming elemental effect. In this way they get further separated as their own feature, providing an additional yet line of defense against Fire, Frost and Shock separate from the standard elemental resistances.
When your shields stop an element from affecting you, or an enemy stops one of your spells, you'll also get a notification for that. Shield spells don't have counters, so if you enable the feature and go against NPCs with strong elemental shields, elemental weakness spells will be no good. Your only option will be to dispel them if you want your elemental damage to get through!

This mod is configured through an ini file at Data\Ini\Morrowind Elemental Shields.ini, where you'll see the different options and their description. You can enable options to remove the armor rating and elemental resistance from these shields, separately on you and NPCs, configure the amount of damage that elemental shields cause to attackers, and the chance they have to prevent elemental effects from taking hold.

If you were to uninstall this mod, be sure to enable the option for that in the ini beforehand, or type in the console 'set migMorroshieldQ.bUninstall to 1', which will stop the functions of this mod and revert your armor rating and that of the NPCs which the mod affected to correct values. Afterwards you can safely save your game, exit and deactivate and/or delete Morrowind Elemental Shields.esp from your load order.

This mod is totally compatible with Supreme Magicka by Strategy Master and was heavily inspired by a similar feature from it. However, you should disable the elemental shield features from Supreme Magicka when using it along this mod, to avoid it from applying armor rating drains on top of those from this mod. To do this, go to the SupremeMagicka.ini file and search for the line:

Set SMElementalShieldFactor to 5

Change 5, or whatever is there, to 0 or less, and you are good to go. Other than that, this mod should be 100% compatible with everything, all its workings are done through scripts and no records are directly touched.