Beyond the Realms of Death by Painkiller_Rider
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Beyond the Realms of Death
A Dungeon-crawler based on Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer
By Painkiller_Rider

Scripting: Insanity_Sorrow, Painkiller_Rider
Custom Textures by Painkiller_Rider & Bethesda
Custom Meshes by Painkiller_Rider (with help from Khugan, Ghogiel, Xilver and Waalx)
Horse Meshes&Textures by Bethesda, Zira and AlienSlof
Mod cleaned with TES4Edit and packed with OBMM

What it does:
Tells the story of the Death Dealer, the one who dared defying death to bring balance in life.
This mod adds a suit of heavy armor (sorry Khugan, never got around texturing your light armor...), one shield, one mighty axe (which can be used 1H or 2H), all part of a small quest and a large world.
They all bear enchantments I made based on my own interpretation of the Death Dealer story - the Horned Helmet itself is based on Frank Frazetta and James R. Silke books (the helmet won't let you die anymore, but will take a toll in Willpower)
The Axe and Shield are brand new - the Axe bears a script that makes it grow in power over time, based on the amount of souls it harvests; the Shield has a powerful enchantment, as well as a nice animated texture.
For those not liking the closed helmet shape, there is an open helmet as well in the armor folder - just rename it to the one used in the game (very useful also for the beast races).

Where exactly do I get the stuff:
You only need to aquire a certain book, then simply follow the questline.
NOTE: Make sure your character is high level (20+ at least), with high fighting skills and Acrobatics - the later will certainly help you aquire the armor pieces, while the first will be obviously required to defeat the high level bosses.

Story :
"In an age before the Dragons rose, an age rife with sorcery and violence, the earth trembled beneath the all conquering hooves of Death, and only one man, Gath of Baal, dared defy it, standing between the unstoppable power of Destruction and the wonders of Creation. To save the peaceful People of the Forest, Gath have diced with the gods, and the price he paid was to become death made flesh, the Prisoner of the Horned Helmet."
Find the Death Dealer, learn of his story and stop Destruction before invading Tamriel once more!

Full version:
Place the following items in the listed locations as below:
'BeyondTheRealmsOfDeath.esp' and 'BeyondTheRealmsOfDeath.bsa' to the following location: "Install Directory\Oblivion\Data\". With that done make sure to check the activation box for the 'BeyondTheRealmsOfDeath.esp' file before launching the game.

To update your LOD, please use TES4LODGen (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15781) - it is optional, of course, but highly useful.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda for the great game and background for modding, as well as for the useful Construction Set provided with the game; Insanity_Sorrow for scripting help; Khugan, Ghogiel, Xilver and Waalx for their contribution in modelling/texturing; Zira and AlienSlof for their beautiful horses; Durza for excellent feedback on the storyline; ElminsterAU for Tes4Edit and Tes4LODGen, Timeslip for OBMM.