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Ever wonder where all the mithril for all those pieces of mithril armor come from? Unless we're to believe it appears by magic, someone has to spend the time digging holes in the ground to bring it up to the surface and turn it in to useful ore, which is then sold to blacksmiths to make armor. The town of Urasek attempts to answer this in some small way by representing the last known operational mine in Cyrodiil where mithril ore is brought up. The town consists of an inn, blacksmith who sells ore and finished pieces, and the arrogant Altmer land baron who runs things.

I've checked lore sources and found next to nothing detailing how and where mithril ore is mined. Nothing says that Cyrodiil ever had any, nor do any sources mention exactly where the stuff comes from. So I felt this would remedy the situation without going too overboard.