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Reclaiming Sancre Tor is a questbased expansion pack for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It adds approximately 40+ gameplay hours to the game, fleshing the Blades out into a complete joinable faction. Much more than just a quest mod, see for yourself!

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Author: DarkRider
Version: RC1.0.5
Last Update: 03.August.2012[/size]

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In the aftermath of the Oblivion crisis, the Emperor is dead and no apparent heir will be named. The Blades, having served the Septim line for centuries, find themselves without an Emperor and without a cause to serve, and so they return to an ancient purpose.

Cyrodiil has been saved and the last son of the Septim line has ascended into the heavens. With the passing of time, life in the Imperial City resumes its normal candor and The Champion of Cyrodiil fades into anonymity...until a messenger arrives. Blade Captain Steffan has requested your return to Cloud Ruler Temple. He needs your help to escort a small party of Holymen to the Ruins of Sancre Tor. Seems a simple task; Steffan warns the journey is treacherous one, but if you are successful a new path may opened before you.

Thunder rolls overhead, the horses knicker nervously as you prepare to make the long journey to Sancre Tor. As the heavy storm clouds blot out the sky overhead, Captain Steffan catches your eye and smiles gratefully with a nod. The seasoned Blade foresees a dangerous road ahead and is obviously relieved to have a second blade along. As you mount your steed, the animal shakes the rain water out of its heavy mane. The four holymen appear from the Great Hall of Cloud Ruler Temple and begin to chant nervously. Steffan takes the lead and you close the holymen between you protectively as you weave your way down the mountain. Lightning flashes and on the distant road you see an unusual flicker of light. Someone is waiting for you in the darkness.

Bandits harry your party all along the road to Sancre Tor; with quick thinking and a quicker blade, you manage to keep them at bay. The holymen are exhausted but alive and well when the ruins at Sancre Tor finally come into view. No longer the ancient relic of a fortress you remember from months before, a vibrant living city has sprung up around it, reclaimed at last as a holy place and the new focal point for Blade affairs in Tamriel. Within the gray stone walls you find an army of Blades from across the Providences, living and working as one. Steffan offers you his hand and his thanks for your help with his escort detail, but the smile fades from his lips as he reads your expression. In your mind you wonder, with so many Blades so close at hand, why would Steffan send for you? Why would he require your help? The Blade Captain nods intuitively, "I know what you're thinking," he says evenly, "and you're right. There's another reason you've been called to Sancre Tor..."

Reclaiming Sancre Tor is an in-depth story based expansion pack that adds hundreds of new characters, overlapping quests, new worlds, and multiple unique dungeon levels to the original Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion RPG by Bethesda Softworks. The story surrounds a contingent of Blades from Morrowind who have reclaimed the ancient ruins of Sancre Tor in the aftermath of the Oblivion crisis. The player is invited to join their ranks and must aid the Blades in serving the Empire as well as unraveling their own destiny.

  • Sancre Tor Reclaimed and Restored to Its Former Glory Inside and Out!
  • An Elaborate Multifaceted Main Quest!
  • Several Side Quests!
  • 6 New Dungeon Levels!
  • 5 New Worldspaces
  • Light/Dark Morality Based Gameplay
  • 5 New Towns to Visit!!!
  • 5 New Blades Armors!!!
  • New Weapons!!!
  • Coveted Lore Based Treasures!!!
  • And much, MUCH, more!!!
Current news, walkthroughs, and more for Reclaiming Sancre Tor can be found at the Reclaiming Sancre Tor Wiki
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