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Last updated at 23:28, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 5:07, 9 May 2006

This mod will allow you to get a wondrous little bag called the "Bag of Holding", based on the famous Bag of Holding from Dungeons & Dragons. This bag allows you to store as many items as you want in it while also nullifying their weight.

Using the Bag of Holding
There are 3 methods to open the Bag of Holding:
1.) Drop the bag onto the ground and activate it and you'll be presented with a pretty self explanatory menu.
2.) Click on the bag in your inventory.
3.) Bind the bag to a quickslot, now it's just a quick easy button press away to open the bag!

Known Issues, Incompatibilities & Notes
-When opening the Bag of Holding from your inventory or quickslot you'll get the "You cannot equip this item." message, just ignore it, everything is working fine.

1.) Extract "Bag of Holding.zip" into your "Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\" folder.
2.) Start the Oblivion Launcher.
3.) Click "Data Files".
4.) Find and tick "Bag of Holding.esp.
5.) Click "OK" and you're ready to play!

1.) Load up your game(s) and remove ALL items from the Bag of Holding as you'll lose them if you don't.
2.) Save your game.
2.) Disable the Bag of Holding.esp.
2.) Loadup your game and save again.
3.) Install the new version (delete any file called "BagofHolding.esp" or "BagofHolding.bsa" if you have them as they are files from an old version).
4.) Activate the mod again and get playing!

1.) Load up your game(s) and remove ALL items from the Bag of Holding as you'll lose them all if you don't.
2.) Save your game.
3.) Delete "Bag of Holding.esp" and "Bag of Holding.bsa" then you're done.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Question: Why should I use this mod, isn't it cheating?
Answer: I'd call this cheating just as much as fast travel is. The bag was made to haul loot out of dungeons and back to your base/house or to sell. The dungeons reset after 3 days of yourself not entering it anyway, so this just speeds your looting up a bit.
Q: I lost my Bag of Holding! Will I lose all my items? What do I do?!?
A: Don't worry you won't lose any items! To get another Bag of Holding just open the console and type in StartQuest BoHGive and you'll receive a brand new bag in just a few seconds.
Q: I managed to get myself 2 Bags of Holding because I wanted more storage but when I put items in one bag they'll appear in the other bag too, the bag is broken!
A: Nope the bag isn't broken, it was only designed to be one bag and will most likely remain that way too. Type StartQuest BoHGive into the console to remove any duplicate bags from your inventory.
Q: So I put some items into my Bag of Holding like usual but when I opened it again some of them have disappeared! What's wrong?
A: What you are experiencing is the container bug (can happen to ANY container and not cause by any mod), seems repairable items can cause things to disappear... still a rather strange and random bug but what you can do it is remove all the items you can from the bag then close and re-open it, they should re-appear again hopefully.
Q: The Bag of Holding has no icon and nothing appears when dropped!
A: Two things can cause this, first you didn't extract the Bag of Holding.bsa and put it in your Data folder and the second cause is some weird system configuration that causes any BSA that has spaces in their names not to load, what you can do to fix it is remove the spaces of the Bag of Holding's ESP and BSA.
Q: I don't want to work for my Bag of Holding! Give me now!
A: Type StartQuest BoHGive into the console and you'll get one shortly.
Q: I don't like being able to drop my Bag of Holding... Can't you make it a quest item?
A: Actually I've added an easy way to make it a quest item! Just type set BoHQI to 1 into the console and the next time you open the bag it will become an un-droppable quest item, put in set BoHQI to 0 and open and close it again and now it will be droppable once more.

Use this mod at your own risk as I cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by it. Feel free to host the Bag of Holding anywhere you want BUT only in it's original unmodified package, please do not release your own modified versions of this mod without my permission.

Version History
A Future Version...
-Maybe something more "involved" in getting the bag...

1.5.0 (15/02/2007)
-The Bag of Holding has been placed into the world and is no longer given automatically (see the new hints section for help locating it).
-Created a better icon for the Bag of Holding.
-You'll no longer receive "Bag of Holding was equipped on the player." or "You cannot equip this item." when closing the Bag of Holding if you opened it from your inventory.
-Improved the fix to stop the Bag of Holding empting it self when closing an Oblivion Gate, will work even if people don't follow the upgrading instructions now.

1.4.1 (02/01/2007)
-The Bag of Holding will no longer be emptied of all items if you opened it in an Oblivion gate then closed that gate (sorry to anyone who lost items, make sure you follow the upgrade instructions!).

1.4.0 (04/12/2006)
-The Bag of Holding should now no longer disappear from quickslots (for good this time).
-When the Bag of Holding is dropped onto the ground and accessed you'll be presented with an options menu now.
-Added an option to make the Bag of Holding a quest item.
-Fixed OnDrop script blocks not running from items you put into the Bag of Holding (this problem had the most effect on the Nights of the Nine).

1.3.0 (30/08/2006)
-The Bag of Holding can now be opened from within your inventory without issues!
-Fixed a typo in the Bag of Holding quest popup.
-Moved back to the previous method of preventing the bag being put into it's self (looks better and works perfectly now, v1.2.6 was just a quick fix since I didn't have the time then to analyse the problem then).
-Tweaked the Bag of Holding's mesh to make it look a little better.

1.2.6 (24/07/2006)
-Added the miscellaneous icon to the Bag of Holding quest popup.
-Fixed the bag constantly re-opening when used from a quickslot.

1.2.5 (23/07/2006)
-Changed dropped bag behaviour to Activate once: bag opens, Activate twice: picks up the bag. This was done because it was impossible to use the drop method while swimming (had to drag the bag out of the water). In my opinion this makes it easier too, no more fussing around with sneak.
-Tweaked the Bag of Holding's physics so it doesn't "slip" through the ground on the rare occasion anymore.
-Small script optimizations.

1.2.0 (22/07/2006)
-The Bag of Holding is no longer a quest item.
-You can now also access the Bag of Holding from the ground when dropped.
-Improved the scripts so you can't place the Bag of Holding into it self (since it isn't a quest item anymore).
-Gave the Bag of Holding a weight of 5.
-Added perfect physics to the dropped Bag of Holding so it acts like any other item pickup from around the world (even bobs around on the surface of water too).
-Made the mod and readme more user friendly.

1.1.1 (29/05/2006)
-Placed the Bag of Holding icons into a bsa archive for easier mod management.

1.1.0 (24/05/2006)
-Improved the Bag of Holding icon.
-Added smaller versions of the Bag of Holding icon for smaller UI's/lower resolutions.

1.0.0 (10/05/2006)
-Initial release.