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Adds 17 hairstyles to Oblivion by Sims content creator Cazy.

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[size=7]~ Cazy Hair Pack ~[/size]

- Description -

Adds 17 new hairs to Oblivion, ranging from high couture to casual everyday to modern style. All meshes and textures have been made by Cazy or by Anto and then tweaked by Cazy.
Cazy has given me permission to convert all of her free hairs and the use of the hairs as a resource.

There is also an ESP packaged with the hairs. This covers most of the vanilla races; you will need to add the hairs manually to use them with a custom race. TES4Edit can help with the job.

- Installation -

1. Extract the files into the Data folder. Overwrite or merge folders if prompted.
(Optional) 2. Activate CazyHairs.esp - This is a test plugin. To use them, either start a new game or type "showracemenu" in the console (type ` or the tilde key to activate) to bring up the character customization menu and choose the hairs. Kahjiits, Orcs, SI races, Dremora and Argonians do not have the hairstyles. When finished, keep the console active and save the game.

- FAQ -

Q: How do I add the hairs to my custom race ESP?
A: Well, there are three ways. One way is easy, but makes the custom race ESP dependent on the included ESP, but the other two adds the hair directly into the file. One takes a long time, while the other uses another program to add the hairs.
Method 1:
Load Cazy Hairs.esp and your custom race ESP into the CS. Open Characters->Hair, find the Cazy hairs, but don't do anything when you do. Now, open Characters->Races..., select the custom race from the list, open the Body Data tab, and drag the hairs from the Hairs dialog into the Hairs list on the Races dialog box. Click Apply/OK and save the plugin.
NOTE: This method will overwrite or be overwritten by other ESPs that also add to custom or existing races. The one that is last in the load order will be the only one that changes the affected races. Because of this, I suggest trying Method 2 or 3 instead of 1, or merging these ESPs together.

Method 2:
Load your custom race ESP only. Go to Characters->Hairs... and a new dialog will pop up. Right-click the list and select "New"; give the editor id for the custom hair, name it, load the mesh and texture, and check the appropriate boxes. Keep it open when you're done adding all the hairs. Now, open Characters->Races..., select the custom race from the list, open the Body Data tab, and drag the hairs from the Hairs dialog into the Hairs list on the Races dialog box. Click Apply/OK and save the plugin.

Method 3 (requires TES4Edit):
Open Tes4Edit, and load only Cazy Hairs.esp and your custom race ESP. (If Oblivion.esm loads up, don't worry about it.) Go into the Cazy Hairs.esp, follow the tree until you come to Hairs, and open it up. Select all the new hairs there, right-click for a menu and select "Copy as new records into...". A warning will pop up; just click the button that says you're sure. Other dialogs will pop up about prefixes and suffixes but don't worry about that. Now, when a dialog box appears asking which plugin to copy the records into, select your custom race mod. Now you will need to add the hairs to the race.To do this, go into the Race branch, select one of the races you wish to modify, and go down to Body data to the branch where the listing of hairs begin at "HNAM - Hairs". From here, Right-click the empty field to the right of this and select Add. A new, empty entry will pop up. It will say NULL; to change this, hold Left-click, then press Ctrl once, release the left mouse button and the entry will become a drop-down list. Select the desired hair from this list and then click on another entry to set the hair. Repeat this until all desired hairs are added to all the desired races, and save the plugin (Ctrl+S). Exit the program, and play the game.

Q: Is it intentional that Cazy 14 and Rainy 05 look similar? Or Cazy 11 and Rainy 07?
A: There is a slight difference between the Cazy and Rainy versions. I considered it enough of a difference that I included both hairs.

Q: Why is there gaps between the numbers?
A: This is what I could find on her blogs - If it bothers you that much, contact her.

Q: Will the donation hairs be added?
A: Not at this time. It is up to Cazy to make that call. But, if you show enough appreciation of the current offering, she may change her mind.

- Permissions -

You may use this mod in your custom race mods or mods that use these hairs on NPCs. Be sure to credit everyone!