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Landscape changes that make the main waterways in Cyrodiil usable for ships. Compatible with Passenger Ships of Cyrodii.

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This Mod changes the main waterways in Cyrodiil to make them fit for shipping.

Most changes are under water and not visible. But the closer you get to Leyawiin, the bigger the changes.

The bridge at Fort Redman has been deleted and at Leyawiin is now a small channel with fortified walls to let the water of the Niben flow secure past the city. A dock to room 2-3 ships is added at the Coast Guard Station.

The river can be crossed on the new drawbridge. Nearby there is an operator on a little tower attached to the Castle that rises the bridge to let you through with your ship automatically.
As usual with Shipping in Cyrodiil you get traffic lights for your secure navigation and some small ambiance addons.

This mod is fully compatible with Passenger Ships of Cyrodiil.

Those who don't like the ambience mods, take the Mainfile Shipping in Cyrodiil - light.

For users of Better Cities: Take the Mainfile Shipping in Cyrodiil - BC (work in progress, not ready yet).

And you need S H I P S !!!

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