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This mod add to Oblivion five demon Horse (+ one extra).

Permissions and credits
I upload one update to the mod, that created by InAComaDial999.

This update makes the following changes:
- uses scripted spell effects for summoning
- removed some stray edits
- put the scroll in its own chest owned by Calindil in the Mystic Emporium
- cleaned with TES4Edit
- this version no longer conflicts with SI
- fixes the problem with fast-traveling after entering cities
- the demon horses will not disappear when a other new creature is summoned,
- however you can only have one of the Demonic Horses summoned at any one time

Only known flaw that the demon horse icons do not work in this version.

Thanks to InAComaDial999 for these great update.

Zira's Demonic Mounts

Author: Zira

Category: Animals, Creatures, Mounts & Horses

Version: 1.0

Date Released: 2011.09.03.


This mod add to Oblivion five demon Horse (+ one extra).

The following needs to be done, if you want to summon the horses:
Go and visit the shop "Mystic Emporium" in the Imperial City Market District
and buy the "Demon Horse Scroll" from Calindil. The scroll describes what to do.
You have only to follow the procedure described therein.

Requirements: Oblivion + v1.2.0416 Patch

Unpack the downloaded „Zira's Demonic Mounts.7z” file.
Copy the content of the "Zira's Demonic Mounts" folder to your Oblivion/Data folder.
Check the .esp files, and play.

Thanks to AlienSlof for the heavy horse model and the new mane and tail model.
Thanks to dewshine2003 for the spike model from Argonian Beauty Pack mod.
Thanks to DarkRuler 2500 for the english translate.

This mod can be edited in CS. Meshes and textures can
be used by any modder, i only need some credit.

Thank you for trying this mod, enjoy the demon horses.