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You probably seen one or more Ayleid estates/homes, some of them are worthy, some of them just a simple dull labyrinths, like the stock vanilla ones - they are not "homes", just ruins of them.
When you stand before a ruin of an once-might city, you probably wonder, how this looked out by eras before. Even wondered, how Ayleids lived in their glorious days? And how they saw and handled the world surrounding them, especially in their hours of doom?
We don't know too much about them from Bethesda's Lore, but we always experience a wave of feelings when reading a book, or hearing something about them. If you felt those things, you're probably influenced by the Ayleid "feeling", Which comes through from the lore.

Yes, this mod is my own interpretation for these ominous feelings. Originally I don't wanted to create such a large realm, but from time to time, I felt an urge to make it more impressive, and more stylish in the old spirit of Ayleid Lore.

And how it succeeded? Decide it... It is up to you, dear Player!

This unique realm lies on a custom worldspace, featuring a completely renewed, and customized Ayleid estate, some other unique buildings, a forest, a beach, and a few things, with its custom lore, which fitted well to not to broke the original.

A few outlined features:

- Lattamathi is the main Grand Hall, fully furnitured, and cluttered. It has an Aetherius Well, ten display cases (additional 8 in the exhibition room).
- Ageasel - an alchemy room, equiped with a lot of containers, harvestable plants, and possibility of enchantig via altars.
- Balaspania - an armory room, equipped with a LOT OF containers, two display cases, and a blacksmith corner with forging things.1
- Leana Morimathi - a private quarters with a lot of containers, a bedroom, a kitchen, and an office.
- Alessiaseli - is a sort of burial room. There is a deep vertical tunnel, which was the former connection to Ivellon (see lore).
- Main exterior place features a few interesting buildings, each of them mentioned in the lore.

- Don't forget to get to the top of Sancre Tor.
- Everything designed for ONE person - therefore it is not companion-friendly.
- Lore books found in a drawer "Leana's books" at living quarters.
- ALL clutter (re)designed to be static. Except a few things, like food.
- A few containers are labeled for specified goods, e.g. "Ingredients", "Melee wpns", etc., while others not. You'll use them as you want.
- Weather is always cloudy, and windy. It is not coincident, but my personal preference.
- The Main quest's riddles probably will be "too hard", or "impossible" in some cases. If you don't want to fiddle with them, just see SPOILERS.TXT.
- Don't forget to leave a comment, or anything, you like, or not.
- Requires COBL!