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Name: Demolish System
Version: v0.67
Author: demolish
WebSite: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40046

This document is written using a partially automated translation.
Also this Mod isn't used dialog. Don't worry about language issues.

1. Mods Description:
This Mod is to change the combat system, and other actions refinement.

2. Requirement:
This Mod Requires "Oblivion Script Extender"(OBSE) v0020 or higher.

3. Details:
"Demolish System - Core.esm"
Fend off the attack, "Parry" is added.
In addition, all plug-ins "Demolish System" requires the master of this.

"Demolish System - Aerial Combos.esp"
Floats up in the air at the attack, also attack to blow off enemy is added.

"Demolish System - Extend Attacks.esp"
You can make minor adjustments to the combat system.
"Demolish System - Aerial Combos.esp" and requires.
Also "Demolish System - Aerial Combos.esp" Please will be loaded later than.

"Demolish System - Flash Effects.esp"
Flashing of actors in certain situations is added.

"Demolish System - Special Moves.esp"
"Short Jump", "Chain Spell" will be added, such as special moves.

4. Features:
"Parry" ("Demolish System - Core.esm" is added)
Targets: Player only
When the blocks to match the opponent's attack, the opponent is stopped.

"Escape" ("Demolish System - Special Moves.esp" is added)
Target: All actors
Dodge to the states of stagger and recoil.
Straighten up without dodge when you not pressing the moving controls.

"Aerial Combos" ("Demolish System - Aerial Combos.esp" is added)
Target: All actors
To float in the air will blow after a successful partner at Parry.
The party will be able to catch up floating in the air again.

"Short Jump" and "Air Jump" ("Demolish System - Special Moves.esp" is added)
Target: Player only
By pressing left or right twice to move back and forth action and a short jump in that direction.

"Attack Canceling" ("Demolish System - Special Moves.esp" is added)
Target: Player only
To cancel the attack by manipulating the decision block attacks before they occur.

"Quick Cast" ("Demolish System - Special Moves.esp" is added)
Target: Player only
Decision after an attack spell (cast) by operation, casting a spell immediately.

"Chain Spell" ("Demolish System - Special Moves.esp" is added)
Target: Player only
Now cast a spell again to cancel the chance of spell casting.
You must be disarmed.

"Bash Attack" ("Demolish System - Special Moves.esp" is added)
Target: Humanoid actors only
Bash operation is "block + jump" in when the opponent's attack to blocked.
Unlike original block attacks, acts on multiple actor in range.
Block skill is 75 more when equipped with shield.
HandToHand skills 75 more with unarmed.

5. Other extensions Mods:
"Demolish System Plugin HUD Display"
Requirements: Pluggy

Displays the number of air combos.
Please use the conjunction introduction it is easy.

6. License/Legal:
Please feel free to use! Contact is not necessary, especially!

7. Thanks to:
Oblivion Script Extender development members!
2ch OBLIVION SS/MOD Thread 185 for No.452 modder!
2ch OBLIVION SS/MOD Thread players and modders!

Also Thanks for reading! :)