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I really love the Vampire race that BellaGail did. But I find some little issues and fixed them for my game, and now I\'m sharing the patch.

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Vampire Race Reloaded Patch v1.4

by Xtudo

I really love the Vampire race that BellaGail did.

But I find some little issues and fixed them for my game, and now I'm sharing the patch.

So here it is!

Change log:

- Added DV version.

Patch v1.4:

- Added 17 new hair-styles from the Cazy Hair Pack. Many thanks to Cazy, Anto and Ziitch.

- Updated the 35 Coolsims hair-styles: The hairs are conformulated to fit Head06 head. Fixed alpha issues on some of the hair models.

Patch v1.3:

- Added 35 new Coolsims hair-styles! Many thanks to Lucha and to Anto. All new hairs required files included.

Patch v1.2:

- Added 5 new Coolsims nice hairs to the six Vampire races.

Patch v1.1:

- Fixed the EditorID names, no more "COPY0000COPY0000COPY0000COPY0006" names.

- Rearranged the names of the Eyes and Hairs styles.

- Deleted a dirty edit of the VANILLA Vampire race, to aboid conflict with other mods.

- Deleted some duplicated Saram and Corean Hairs.

- The vampire fangs were using a wrong texture, they were designed for a merged teeth texture, not the vanilla teeth texture. Now fixed.

- Changed the vanilla mouth mesh for the merged mouth, thanks to Scanti.

- Added working eyelashes to all the six Vampire Reloaded races, thanks to Throttlekitty and Jclyde6108.

- Added two more VB Hair models, thanks to VanillaBeans.

- Created the missing normal map texture for the eyes.

- Created proper textures for legfemale and upperbodyfemale vanilla meshes. So, if you equipt some vanilla mesh (not converted to HGEC) you won't have wrong body/face color textures.

- Changed the default hair colors dark brown to black.


1. You need the Vampire Race Reloaded v1.0 main file installed first. Get it here: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=38781

2. Extract the contents of the archives to the Oblivion's Data Folder.

3. You need to load Vampire Race Reloaded Patch by Xtudo.esp after the Vampire Race Reloaded.esp file.

4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the "Vampire Race Reloaded.esp" and the "Vampire Race Reloaded Patch by Xtudo.esp" files.

5. Rebuild your Wrye Bash patch if you use it.


- BellaGail, of course!

- Throttlekitty and Jclyde6108 for the working eyelashes.

- VanillaBeans for the VB Hairs.

- Lucha and to Anto for the Coolsims hairs.

- Cazy, Anto and Ziitch for the Cazy hair pack.