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This mod installs the Dark Crusader 2 Armor, DC Faction & Headquarters, DC Weapons & Armor (migrated from Mega Pack) & quests to obtain the Shadow Defender Armor.

Permissions and credits

==== Latest Release Notes ====
[Dark Crusader 2 FHQ Version 3.9 - 8/24/2011]
- Fixed a number of zone & quest issues.
- Added the original Dark Crusader armor from the old Mega Pack. It's available in the basement of the H.Q. next to the other armor & weapons.

[Dark Crusader 2 FHQ Version 3.8 - 8/16/2011]
Re-upload: This mod was unintentionally deleted while I was cleaning old mods from the list. If you already have 3.8 you don't need to re-download as nothing has been changed.

[Dark Crusader 2 FHQ Version 3.8 - 7/28/2011]
- Added Shadow Defender Gloves, Wrist Guards, Boots, and Wrist Blade Weapon.
- Added Quests "A Helping Hand", "The Darkest Dark".
- Added Dungeon "Mudrun Cave" - Mudrun Cave was designed with the stealth player in mind. The zone is very dark with just enough light to lead you from area to area.
- Adjusted all weapon and armor materials.
- Slight Texture Adjustment to Shadow Defender Greaves.
- Slight (shine) texture adjustment to all leather components of armor.
- Added new Title SS, and in-game icon
- Cleaned up OMOD installer.

==== Description & Info ====
[Short Description]
This mod installs the Dark Crusader 2 Armor, DC Faction & Headquarters, DC Weapons (migrated from Mega Pack), & quests to obtain the Shadow Defender Armor.

[Detailed Description]
- Armor: Includes 2 separate armor sets. Dark Crusader 2, and a reinforced / enhanced version, the Shadow Defender armor.
- Faction: A Playable faction; The Dark Crusaders, with a storyline, quests, rank-up, and NPC's.
- Headquarters: The headquarters has a number of area's to explore, and reasons to return.
- NPC's: Scripted NPC's to interact with. Some offer vendor services, quests, or both.
- Weapons: The weapons from the Dark Crusader Mega Pack were migrated to DC2 in version 3.0. In 3.8 a wrist blade weapon was added as a part of the SD set.
- Quests: The mod also has a story / chain-quest line which offers faction rank-up & new weapons or armor.

==== Modular Armor ====
[Item Swap]
The armor sets are set up to allow maximum versatility for a particular look, or weapon setup. Items like the mantle, wrist guards, and belt are not apart of the main mesh. With this you can swap out deferent armor from other mods or use a configured set up from this one.

[Battle Sweat (BS) Add-On]
The BS add-on is an optional mesh installation that changes the material of the skin. This effects the upper and lower body, but not the head, hands, or feet.

==== Other Related Files ====
[Body Types]
BBB for DC2 FHQ - BBB Version of DC and DC2 armor, by Saaya.

DC Dynamis II - A signature sword expansion.

==== Locations ====
[DC2 Armor & Weapons]
The Dark Crusader 2 armor & weapons can be found in the basement training section of the headquarters. The H.Q. is located on the main road that leads to, and from Cheydinhal. To obtain access to the Headquarters find Angie (she patrols the area) and complete the quest "Angie's Stolen Dagger".

[Shadow Defender Armor]
The Shadow Defender version of the DC2 Armor is obtained via chain-quest. Quest are given by the members of the Dark crusaders Faction.

==== Game Play ====
[Reflective Armor]
Some pieces use the "apply highlight" on the materials so be sure and have window reflections turned ON for best visual results.

[Scripted Armor, Weapons, Items]
The Defender Dagger, Shadow Defender Dagger, Wrist Blade, DC Deadly Brew (poison), and SDD-Controll Amulet work off a number of item scrips. More detail can be found on how these items work during the installation, or in game.

[Dark Crusader Class]
Also in this mod is an option to play the Dark Crusader class with stats fitting to the character. This can be accessed via console using the '~' key, and typing "showclassmenu". You can also do this by starting a new game.

==== Quest Info ====
[What quests are for.]
Questing increases your guild rank and gives new items. Quests are set up in a progressive sequence given by the NPC's that reside at the Dark Crusaders Head Quarters.

[Quest sequence]
- Quest 0: Angie's Stolen Dagger
First find the Dark Crusaders Headquarters located on the main road that goes to and from Cheydinhal, then look for Angie and see if she needs help with anything.

- Quest 1: We Need Answers
After completing Angie's quest, head to the basement of the H.Q. and look for Janet. Janet gives you a quest that kicks off the main Dark Crusaders story / quest-line.

- Quest 2: A Helping Hand
After completing Janet's first quest, head upstairs and talk to Rochelle; see what she might need help with.

- Quest 3: The Darkest Dark
After finishing Rochelle's quest head back to the training area, Janet may have found out some more information.

- Quest 4: Under Construction

- Quest 5: Under Construction

==== Credits ====
[Dark Crusader 2]
Apachii - Apachii Goddess Store.

[Dark Crusader Original]
Apachii - Apachii Goddess Store.
Exnem - Base rouge texture and design.
Phnx - Black re-texture of the the original.
JARODCASTLE - Base chain mail texture.
Toshizo7 - Tona Mods Store.
reaper9111 - Scripting / programing support.

==== Tools Used ====
3ds Max, NifScope, Photoshop, TES Construction set, OMM