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Harvest[Containers] v0.99.10


Harvest[Containers] was designed to allow players to easily see which containers they had already searched. Along the way, that goal turned it into a popular mod for realism fans as well. When you search inside a container, its appearance will change. In most cases this means the container will animate open, but there are a few exceptions as explained in the Details section. Most containers can be manually reclosed by activating them again in Sneak Mode. All containers that are flagged to respawn will return to their closed state when the cell is reset (3 game days by default).

What's New

100% of the containers from vanilla Oblivion now have Harvest effects. Yay! See the Details section for information about some of the new additions.
All quest bugs that we were aware of have been fixed.
Optional experimental add-ons to replace handprints on crates and flat-topped barrels.
The harvest effect on containers in player-owned homes is now optional.

Installation for OBMM users

If you use OBMM to install and manage your mods, omod conversion data in included in the archive. To build the omod, just launch OBMM, click "Create" at the bottom of the window, and in the new window click "Add Archive". Browse to the 7z file you downloaded. You'll be asked whether you want to import the omod conversion data. Click Yes. Then just click "Create omod".

When you install the new omod, you'll be given a couple of options with full descriptions. The choices you make at install time are completely reversible if you later change your mind. An readme called "Harvest[Containers] Readme.html" will also be added to your Data folder.

This mod can safely be added to a game in progress.

Important Note if you're upgrading: The main mod filename has changed. The previous file name was "DEJ Harvest - Containers [Combo].esp" for reasons passing all comprehension. It is now simply "Harvest[Containers].esp" and will remain so in all future versions for the sake of sanity. Make sure you've removed the old ESP file, since the new one will not overwrite it.

Manual Installation

For those not using OBMM, you can simply extract the 7z file in your Data directory. If you were using a previous version of Harvest[Containers], some files will be overwritten. Files from other mods will not be affected. This mod can be safely added to or upgraded in a game in progress.

Important Note if you're upgrading: The main mod filename has changed. The previous file name was "DEJ Harvest - Containers [Combo].esp" for reasons passing all comprehension. It is now simply "Harvest[Containers].esp" and will remain so in all future versions for the sake of sanity. Make sure you've removed the old ESP file, since the new one will not overwrite it.

You have some choices to make about which ESP files you want to activate. Add-ons should be loaded after the base mod if used.

Harvest[Containers].esp is the base file. All users need to enable this file.

Harvest[Containers] - Player Home Add-on.esp should be activated if you want containers in your character's own homes to use the Harvest animations. If you do not activate this mod, containers in player homes will behave the same way that they do in vanilla Oblivion.

Harvest[Containers] - Havok Crates Add-on.esp is an experimental alternative for crate-type containers. If activated, it should be loaded after the base H[C] mod. In the base mod, crates that you have searched are marked with handprints which can be "wiped away" by activating the crate again in Sneak Mode. In this alternative mod, sides of the crate will fall open using Havok physics when they are activated and can be reclosed by activating the crate again. This is experimental because Havok doesn't always behave nicely, and the sides that fall down sometimes bounce around uncontrollably. Use of Havok on the crates also uses more system resources and may cause slowing in areas where you've opened a lot of crates. If you try this add-on, we'd really appreciate any feedback you can give us. Note that if you use this add-on, all crates in player homes will be affected by it regardless of whether you use the Player Homes Add-On.

Harvest[Containers] - Flat-Top Barrels Add-on.esp is an alternative for the barrels that have handprints on them in the base mod and in earlier versions of H[C]. If activated, it should be loaded after the base H[C] mod. These barrels will animate open just like the barrels with handles on top. They are in a separate mod because non-havok items such as sacks, candles, or more barrels are often stacked on top of of these barrels, and the animation will clip through such objects leaving them floating where the lid used to be. This problem is partially solved by running mmpld's Candles for Kleptos with H[C]. Neither handprints nor animations are a perfect solution, so it is up to you which version suits you best. Note that if you use this add-on, all flat-top barrels in player homes will be affected by it regardless of whether you use the Player Homes Add-On.

Any of the 3 optional mods can be turned on or off at any time, so you're free to test them and decide which combo you like best. You can also safely merge any of the add-ons with the base mod if you choose. If you do merge, the base mod should be number 1 in your merge list, and the add-on should be 2 or higher.

After extracting the archive, you can delete the folder called "omod conversion data" that will be created in your Data folder.

Removing the Mod

Harvest[Containers] can be safely removed from your game if you choose. In addition to the base esp and any optional add-ons you installed, you can safely remove the following folders:


Details and Playing the Mod

Harvest [Containers] allows you to easily see what containers you have already searched and makes opening containers more natural and realistic. Containers are animated open so that, for instance, when you activate a cabinet the doors swing open. You can leave the container open as a visual cue that you've already looked inside it or you can close the container again by entering Sneak Mode and activating it again. Any type of container that you'd expect to be able to close in real life can be closed using this method. NPCs using containers will open and then instantly reclose them.

There are a few types of objects with different behaviors where it is more realistic. You can not close an ore vein, for instance. A few containers actually disappear when harvested where that is more natural than opening/closing them. Roast rat is an example of this; rather than open the rat, your remove it from the spit. Sacks are another special case. When you open them, they tip over. (Note that if you activate them in Sneak Mode, they do not tip.)

Crates and flat-top barrels (those barrels without a handle on top) can not be animated without causing a lot of clipping. By default, rather than animating open, these containers will be marked with handprints when you open them and wiped clean when you close them in Sneak Mode. Alternative methods are provided in optional add-ons as described in the Manual Installation instructions.

A new special case in this version is the necromancer's altar at Dark Fissure that can turn grand soul gems into back soul gems. The Harvest animation allows you to see the gem transform. To use the altar, place your empty grand gem into it and cast a "Dispel" spell at it just like always. You will see your gem converted into a black gem. Activating the altar again will automatically remove the black gem and put it into your inventory. If you have placed multiple grand gems into the altar, they must be converted to black gems one at a time. Rescripting the altar makes it incompatible with the mod "Easier Black Soul Gems" which allows the altar to be used on any day instead of only once a week. We have included a hidden work-around for users of that mod. If you want to be able to use the altar every day, see the Compatibilities section for an explanation.

The mod does not change the contents of any container or any container's ability to respawn new contents. If the containers was safe for your character to store things before adding the mod, it will still be safe with the mod. Lock Picking will still work the same as in vanilla Oblivion.

By default, containers in player-owned homes will not be affected by H[C]. If you would like containers in your home to use the Harvest animations, you can install the optional add-on for player homes.


Using this mod with OOO

Harvest [Containers] is not compatible with the lock-bashing scripts from OOO 1.3, but the mods are otherwise compatible. If you would like to use Harvest [Containers] with OOO 1.3, you should load Harvest [Containers] after OOO and be aware that you will lose the ability to bash locks. To use lock bashing and Harvest [Containers] at the same time, try adding the Lock Bash Total Compatibility Version by scruggs.

Using this mod with Francesco's Mod

Francesco has provided a compatibility mod for Harvest[Containers] which you can find in the 3rd post on this thread on the ES Official Forums. Although the compatibility mod was created for the previous version of H[C], it will continue to work properly with this update.

Easier Black Soul Gems

"Easier Black Soul Gems" is a small mod that allows players to use the necromancer's altar at Dark Fissure every day rather than the default one day a week. Since this mod changes the same script as H[C], the 2 mods are incompatible. We have included a work-around for player who would like to be able to use the altar every day. To enable this feature, your character must be wearing a necromancer's hood and robe (readily available in the cave itself) and activate the altar while in Sneak mode. To revert to the default 1 day per week, repeat the same process. The multiple requirements to activate this feature are to prevent unintentionally triggering it, since some players will consider this a cheat.

Other mods

Any mod that adds scripts to all or most of the vanilla Oblivion containers will be incompatible with Harvest[Containers]. This includes lock bashing mods except for Scrugg's Lock Bash Total Compatibility Version.

Mods that script only a few types of containers such as Martigen's Cats & Rats should be loaded after Harvest[Containers]. You will lose the harvest animation effects on only the containers scripted by the other mod.

Loot mods that alter the vanilla containers to add new contents can be safely merged with Harvest[Containers] for full compatibility. If you don't know how to merge mods, the readme includes a short walk-through.

Known Issues

On some rare occasions, a container will appear to animate open before you have picked the lock on it. This is due to some shortcomings our ability to test the ownership of the container. While our workaround is a little visually odd, it's the best we could do without making changes to gameplay.

In some places the animations may clip with nearby walls or objects. We've done our best to limit the amount of clipping, but it's not possible to check every container in every cell.

Credits and Blame

This mod was built and tested by the TESModdersDen Team. You can join us at #TESModdersDen on Quakenet if you'd like to join the team or have another project you'd be interested in working with us on. Specific credits for the initialed contributions in the mod are:

Dejunai ( DEJ, aka Dejaside)
mmmpld ( P1D )
XMarksTheSpot ( XMS )
PhoenixAmon ( PA, aka Daleth)

Special thanks to the beta testers for this release: Sheathana’ich and Redfirebird87

Thank you to all other beta volunteers and to everyone who has participated in our many forum topics about this mod. Because of your suggestions and encouragement, this mod has grown into more than we ever imagined.

Permissions for Reuse

Meshes and scripts from H[C] may be freely reused or dissected. If you want to add the Harvest effect to your custom containers and need help with the scripting you can join us on Quakenet (IRC) at #TESModdersDen or send a PM to Dejunai. If you're trying to learn animations, you may find XMS's tutorial a good place to start.

Future Plans

The future development of Harvest[Containers] is uncertain... we've been working on it for a long time and all have other projects we'd like to give some attention to. However we still have ideas for H[C] that we'd like to implement if we can. Here are some of the things we've been discussing lately:

Silent auto-open animations for all containers so that you don't hear or see then open when you re-enter a cell that you've already searched.

Random static contents for containers (visuals only) to make them look less bare when opened.

Reworking of the major scripts.

Splitting of major scripts to an ESM file for easier reuse by other modders.