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Last updated at 2:49, 1 Aug 2011 Uploaded at 2:38, 1 Aug 2011

Name : Thieves Queen Armor ( Alir's Armor Retexture )

Category : Models and Textures

Requirements : Original Alir's Armor by Comrade1280 :




This is a retexture of 4 parts of the original Alir's Armor made by comrade1280. It will OVERWRITE the Top, Gloves, Pants and Boots textures, but only the BLACK version. The brown version will still unaltered.

You can choose the 2048 or 1024 textures pack, they look almost the same as I used a secret reduction technique I learned at school ^^. ( See screenshots for comparison )

If you want, you can also install the new esp : it will overwrite the original one, turn the armor into light armor with other stats, and it will change the name of the 4 parts I modified in the chest. Like this it's easier to recognize it.

New Stats :

Thieves Queen Top ( light armor ) :

- Weight : 2
- Health : 1500
- Armor : 10
- Value : 500

Thieves Queen Pants ( light armor ) :

- Weight : 3
- Health : 1500
- Armor : 8
- Value : 400

Thieves Queen Gloves ( light armor ) :

- Weight : 2
- Health : 1500
- Armor : 5
- Value : 400

Thieves Queen Boots ( light armor ) :

- Weight : 4
- Health : 1500
- Armor : 10
- Value : 500

I don't have the time to do a separated mod with this armor so I left it in the same chest. I'm sorry for the people who want to have the original and mine, but you have to choose.



In a chest in front of the Fighting Chance shop, IC Market, as the original mod.



Install the original mod first, then overwrite the textures with mines ( 2048 or 1024 ), and the esp if you want it.


ORIGINAL CREDITS from comrade1280 :

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

And thanks to skeleton k for his Dark Illusion Armor
which inspired me.



Same as above, and comrade1280 for the Alir's armor.
Saaya for the retexture



Using and modifying of this mod is absolutely free of any obligations, enjoy! :)



As comrade said, using or modifying this mod is free of any obligations. But please don't upload my retexture on another site than TesNexus without asking me before.

Please tell me if you use this texture in your own mod ( just send me a PM when it's uploaded ).

I would be glad if somebody wants to do an independant mod with my texture, to avoid that it overwrites comrade's one. Contact me if you are interested.

I will not retexture the other parts of the armor, sorry, don't have the time. And I don't like the "glass" look of the specular map in Oblivion, so I just left it black ( no spec ). You can use the original "Armor" part ( pauldrons and gauntlets ) with my texture, it doesn't looks odd.

I recommend to always equip the 4 parts of the armor, the texture is made as if it was a single mesh, so you could see some odd "unfinished" parts under the gloves or the boots for exemple... ( the original mesh is not optimized ^^ ).

And of course thanks to comrade1280 for the original mod ^^. I don't have the time to do my own mesh.


PS : you can follow me on DeviantART, JulienJulien.deviantart.com ^^