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Adds hotkeys for dialog and books and A to take all from containers

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Hotkeys Galore

So, after playing Fallout for a while the bartering system in Oblivion was killing my wrists. I did not remember this one-at-a-time business. I was doing a lot of fencing for the thieves guild, and having to mouse over to click OK for every item i needed to sell was tedious. And if you had multiple items of the same type you had to click two OKs! I had been using A to Take All by statttis, and after seeing MojoDaJojo's work I decided to try to add a few more hotkeys. Here is the list:

press A to click OK on all the generic message boxes

press S to click OK on the quantity pop-up

So, when you are selling a lot of gear you can click the item and press A, and if there are multiple items of the same type press S A real quick, and they are sold. This really speeds up bartering.

press A to take all from containers

As in MojoDaJojo's mod A will take open books, and I added E to exit open books. This is only for books in the world, not in your inventory.

After a while I wanted more hotkeys, so i tried out a few things.

press E to exit dialog

press B to start bartering

press S to buy spells

press T for training

press R for recharging

The only catch with all these dialog hotkeys is that they work ALL the time. So, if you run into a vendor after they have closed up shop you can talk to them and press B and still sell them your gear. And anyone will recharge your magical wepons. I didn't realize this at first, it was kind of a happy accident. If you think its cheating, then don't abuse it.

Also, when you load a new game it will take a few seconds for the script to start. I usually son't notice it, though.


just put the .esp file in your games data folder and enable it in the mod manager


Oblivion Script Extender


MojoDaJojo for A takes open books

statttis for A to Take All

everyone involved with the Oblivion Script Extender

The Nexus for providing an awesome community and hosting all the mods

Bethesda for making the best games
and for always giving us the power to create content for them


You can do whatever you want with this, it is for the community.

Peace and Love!