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Ever wondered what to do with all that endless loot you have collected over your adventures? Tired of selling your wondrous items for only a fraction of their real value? Then this mod is for you. Now you can own a fully functional store, where you can put for sale any item you want; in a way that feels real, involved and most importantly balanced

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  • German
Trade and Commerce: The ultimate Business Mod

Latest version of OBSE is required.

Trade and Commerce is also available in German thanks to darkfr3ak.
Trade and Commerce is also available in French thanks to Oaristys.
Trade and Commerce is also available in Japanese thanks to neknek1980.

Thanks for making Trade and Commerce August File of the Month.

Updated to V1.5: New Features, Now your mercantile skill affects how much gold you get from items sold. Since mercantile is important now, you can hire a trainer of mercantile to go to your store. Now you can access the inventory of your shopkeeper. New features completely optional as always. More details below

You will have to reconfigure the mod's ini file after updating if you don't want the default values.

1 Description:

This mod allows you to run your own store, you can put on sale any item you have collected in your adventures. Hire a shopkeeper to take care of your business while you are away and a guard to protect your valuables. Pay weekly wages to your employees and weekly taxes based on your weekly income. Detailed statistics of all transactions keep you appraised of whats happening with your store at all times, every tool you need to run a successful business can be conveniently accessed from the comfort of your personal office. The mechanics of this mod are introduced in-game via an inmersive quest, you will always know whats happening and how it works. This mod is fully customizable, most features can be personalized or turned off using this mod's INI file.

2 Features:

2.1 Daily Trading:

At the end of each day every item you have in your stores vault has a chance of being sold, this chance depends on the value of the item and is fully customizable in the INI. Items in your store are organized into six categories based on their value.

The categories are as follows:

1.Common Items (Value 0-500): Default daily sell chance 50%
2.Quality Items (Value 500-1000): Default daily sell chance 30%
3.Exquisite Items (Value 1,000-6,000): Default daily sell chance 25%
4.Legendary Items (Value 6,000-15,000): Default daily sell chance 15%
5.Mythic Items(Value 15,000 -30,000): Default daily sell chance 10%
6.Epic Items (Value 30,000 and more): Default daily sell chance 5%

Every individual item is considered for selling and any item can be sold.

Updated to V1.5: Now your Mercantile skill affects your trading, items have a base gold sell percentage; meaning they sell for a fraction of their total value. This fraction is modified by your mercantile skill, every two points in mercantile increase the gold sell percentage by 1%. The default Base Gold Sell Percentage is 50%. Meaning that with 10 mercantile skill you will get 55% of the item full value when its sold, with a mercantile skill of 100 you will get a 100% percent of the item value when its sold. This is completely customizable in the ini, you can set the base gold sell value to whatever you want. The "Storage Manifest" item i your desk tells you how much you get from each item you sell and the modified value of your stored items.

2.2 Purchase improvements:

Acquiring your store is only the beginning, you can purchase new decoration, new armor stands, new weapon stands and new shield hangings to improve the look of the store. All this improvements impact the daily chance of selling your items, the prices and bonuses of all this improvements are fully customizable in the ini file.

2.3 Weekly expenses: Taxes and Salaries

This completely optional feature adds a whole new layer to the economy game, if this option is enabled you must pay weekly taxes based on the weekly income of your shop as well as weekly salaries to your employees. Weekly expenses are due every Monday (Morndas) and are automatically debited from the "expense gold" chest or "earnings" chest located in your office; if there isn't enough gold to pay your taxes or shopkeeper salary your store may be closed, rehiring your shopkeeper or paying your owed taxes reopens your store.The tax percentage and weekly salaries are completely customizable using the ini file. Managing your expenses is intuitive and streamlined, read the "Your Office" section of this readme for more details.

2.4 Hire employees: Shopkeeper, Guard and Mercantile Trainer

Hire a shopkeeper to run your store while you are away adventuring and a guard to protect your valuables. You can order your guard to stand watch at different areas of your shop, you can also access his inventory and equip him with any item you want. The cost of hiring each employee as well as their weekly salary is fully customizable in the ini file.

Your guard can also function as a bodyguard, he will travel with you if you order him to accompany you. Any items your guard is carrying when he is fired are stored in a chest labeled "Employee Items" behind your desk, if your guard is killed you will have to take the items from his body yourself. The level of your guard as well as choosing if you want him to be essential or not can be customized in the ini file.

Updated to V1.5: Now you can hire a mercantile trainer for a day, he charges a fixed fee for spending a day in your store (3000 by default, you can change it in the ini) you can train your mercantile by speaking with him as you would with any other trainer. He stays in your store from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM after that he leaves and will not return until you hire him again. Speak with your shopkeeper about hiring a mercantile trainer; a new quest will guide you on what you have to do.

2.5 Your Office: Trade Statistics, Daily Trade Report, Expense management an more.

Your office is the heart of your store, every action from hiring employees, purchasing improvements to managing your expenses can be accomplished from the comfort of your offices desk. A series of items are placed on top of your desk, this items have appropriate names describing their function and they all offer an intuitive and detailed insight to a particular aspect of your store. There is no risk of losing this items, nor will they clutter your inventory, they can't be taken from the desk and can't be moved by error.

A brief description of each item and it's use:
Trade Transactions, perhaps your most powerful tool, this let's you see how many days your store has been opened, how much gold you have made from trade since the stores opening and how much items you have sold. Even more powerful this tool also shows a record of the gold received and items sold for each individual item class (common, quality, exquisite, legendary, mythic and epic)

Yesterdays Transactions, shows information similar to "Trade Transactions" but only for items sold the day before.

Weekly expenses, this item allows you to see the projected tax amount that you will have to pay bay the end of the week as well as the weekly salaries of your employees.

"Expense Gold" chest, This chest gives you detailed information of your shops fiscal status (taxes), let's you know how much gold you have earned in the current week and the taxes this generates and any taxes you may owe from previous weeks. This also functions as your fund to cover expenses, all weekly expenses are taken from this chest.

"Earnings chest", all the gold derived from your daily trading is deposited in this chest, you may take your gold from here at any time you want. If the gold in your expense chest is not enough to cover weekly expenses any gold remaining in this chest will also be considered for paying this expenses.

This are the most important tools, but not the only ones, check your desk and see for yourself how easy it is to run your store.

3. Compatibility: Better Cities and Open Better Cities

This mod is completely compatible with both better cities and open better cities, there's no need download additional files. The mod automatically detects if your using vanilla oblivion or better cities and moves the store accordingly, when you start the mod a prompt will appear asking you if you use Open Better cities or just Better cities. Choose accordingly and the store will be moved to the appropriate location.

4. Customization: The .ini file

My intention with this mod is to provide you, the player, with the ultimate business simulator for oblivion; because we all have different conceptions of what is balanced, what is fair and what is just a pain in the ass, I decided to give you complete control over your experience. After installing this mod you will find a folder labeled "Ini" in your oblivion data folder (oblivion/data) inside this folder is a text file named "Trade and Commerce.ini" open it and you will find detailed instructions on how to configure your play experience. If you don't know/can't locate the ini or have doubts about the settings feel free to ask me directly or post a message in the comments section.

5. FAQ and troubleshooting:

Pretty much every problem i have heard so far is due to OBSE not being installed or not running when the game starts. I would recommend you read the OBSE readme.

To start quest, console command as follows: StartQuest AdmQuest01
SetStage AdmQuest01 10

A) Why are there two stores?
OBSE is not installed or is not running. Also please make sure you are using the latest version of OBSE (V20)
B) Why does the hire employee envelope does nothing?
OBSE is not installed or is not running. Also please make sure you are using the latest version of OBSE (V20)
C) How do i start this mod? shouldnt a quest pop up when i load my game?
OBSE is not installed or is not running. Also please make sure you are using the latest version of OBSE (V20)
D) Can i sell stolen goods?
Yes you can, just put them in the chests like any other item

6. Final Comments:

I would like to ask you that if you like my mod don't forget to endorse it, I made this mod mainly for your enjoyment and your endorsement means a lot to me.