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Dark Lilith and Leathery remake, add dual claws weapon and many wings for your option.

Permissions and credits
Name: Demon Lilith outfit

Changes in V3:
- All outfits remove tail slot.
- Add no tail version.
- Add dual Scythes weapon, using my auto equip-unequip script.
- Add many Horns come from Romuska Fantasy Mod and Diano Armor mod.
- Wings and Horn now can be equip as Amulet, Ring or Tail (keep up your awesome imagination, guys)
- Same location, at ArenaDistrict, near the big statue on the right (check screenshot)
- For everyone who already downloaded V2 and patch, just download the V3 and overwrite the old version.
V1, V2 description:
Add to game
- 2 demon outfits with tails (see screenshot)
- Dual Claws weapon. After equip it, you wont see it, just draw them out and they will appear. :0 I cant decide where to put the weapon on character so I hide it to solve the problem.
- 5 wings (demon wings ofc)

- Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons (to make the tails work and animate properly):

- To Avoid crash: Draw back your weapon before equip anything else. Do not Touch the "DontTouch" items, dont drop or sell them either.
- The weapons WILL conflict with Shield-on-back and Weapon-on-back Mod.
- Race using: LattmerV3
- Support body type: HGEC

- SPB - Belt Girl (Strapped gloves).
- Neovinci - SG Bunny Girl Armors (thongs)
- Hentai (Zotman12) - Hentai DarkLilith Armor(Wings), Hentai Mania (Scythe)
- DFSL Leathery 4
- Yuravica - Death Taill armor
- Spike4072 - Spikes Demon Tail
- Alexander Wolf - Alexanders Wings
- Tomater - Sebtobs new weapons (claws)
- doughnutz - Shaiya Outfit
- Gizmodian - Shaiya Outfit
- KURESE - Lingerie Set, Diano Armor
- dummy - Ageha wings
- Heaven2022 for joining the modding passion with me
- VanillaBeans - awesome Romuska Fantasy Store Mod

Licensing and Legal:
- You MUST contact and ask for permitsion the authors listed in Credit section if you want to upload or modify any path of this mod.
- Feel free to use and modify the auto equip dual weapon script, remember to put me and Heaven2022 in credit.